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A Zohar in Every Home

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As many of you know, the Rav's long held dream to be able to have a Zohar in every single home, so that every single person in this world would have access not only to the wisdom to the secrets, to the light of the Zohar. To be able to study the Zohar. And today, thanks to the generous support of our donors we are able to take a great step forward in achieving this goal of the Ravs's and really this goal that was held by kabbalists for centuries. Because of the generous support of our donors we are able to reduce the cost of the English translated Zohar to $72.00. Now there should be no barrier to any person wanting access to this light, to this wisdom, to be able to receive the Zohar into their home. And of course we know that not just being able to study the Zohar but being able to study the wisdom of Kabbalah that comes out of it is an important goal of The Kabbalah Centre. And, again, because of the support of our donors we are able to make a really great step forward to enable all people in the world, regardless of their financial abilities, to have access to this wisdom. So today I am excited to announce as well that through the generous support of our donors we are able to create a scholarship fund for Kabbalah University. Any person in the world who wants to study Kabbalah, to access thousands and thousands of teachings of lessons from our teachers all over the world and they cannot afford it, today they can have access to the scholarship fund to all of these teachings for free. These two steps, enabling the purchase of the Zohar for $72.00, enabling access to Kabbalah University for free for those who cannot afford it, I believe not only takes this wisdom to the world but fulfills the vision of the Rav, fulfills the vision of the kabbalists throughout the centuries and there is no question in my mind that these steps will bring great light into this world and, B'ezrat HaShem, bring all of us towards the end goal the goal of the removal of pain, suffering, and death. So I would like to personally thank all of you, all of our donors, all of our supporters because without your help, without your support we would not be able to do these things. We would not be able to bring this wisdom to more and more people, we would not be able to bring the Rav's vision into reality. Thank you very much. The Kabbalah Centreā„¢ learn transform connect

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A Zohar in Every Home

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