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HOM 77. Sex and Masturbation

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History of Mankind 77 Sex & Masturbation Hi, this is Jack. Ok, masturbation... This is like a more serious topic than 'serious'... Masturbation is an interesting manifestation within human beings. Now, masturbation is a system implant. Masturbation, specifically human beings who are addicted to masturbation, pornography etc, going the route of masturbation instead of actual penetrated sexual experience there are many human beings in this world with such specific systems Those are the systems that are actually supporting childabuse, rape... and molestation of children in this world. Why is that? Why would such systems be manifested within human beings, in this world, to support such manifestations? That system is the balancing of the entire sexsystem of this world Understand that when systems are manifested in this world, they always require a balancing point. That's how programs work. Programs are equated to a specific mathematical equation of manifestation experience, but within that experiences you always have what is referred to as the anomaly. But now, to make sure that human beings remain enslaved within the sex system because... fascinating thing! Sex is the key to selfexpression, as life as who you are, fascinating! On that topic I will expatiate more, but firstly it is fascinating that sex would be the actual centerpoint of, or the point where selfexpression as who you are as life, comes forth. Yet sex is the most 'deemed', the most secretive and the most ghastly and the most ugly and the most dirty thing in the world. The world is in reverse. So, to make sure that human beings don't discover their selfexpression through sexual intercourse or experience, they manifested the masturbation system. Now the masturbation system is like human beings stand as beams in this world which stabilizes the entire sexual system within the rest of humanity. So, you have human beings who wont go into a relationship scenario; their life will basically be programmed that way to not be able to go into a relationship, to not have any woman be attracted to them, any way whatsoever... They now particularly wanting to experience sex, because of... well, the desire for sex is so great but they know they are not able to experience it in a relationship and then therefor divert it to masturbation. Now, in this masturbation, what do human beings require to masturbate? Pictures, they require books, words, sounds, frequencies, songs, television... It's interesting. What happens is that they divert to the picture world to be able to masturbate and in many other forms. They use materialistic things to activate the experience of an orgasm through masturbation etc Now this is how this entire system is setup within such human beings who only masturbate through using pictures and materialistic objects of this world and that holds the entire sexsystem within all of humanity stable. So what happens then is because they use pictures because they use materialistic objects of this world, it kinda gets extensively out of hand, like completely. Now because their orgasmic experience through masturbation is connected to a picture it starts getting out of hand from the perspective of: some human beings can look at flowers, you know, use flowers for masturbation, some use animals, when they see animals having sex, they become aroused. Some children. Others, they can walk inside a store and see a cherry, a woman eating a cherry or something and Oh my god, they go all out of hand. Why? Because from the beginning your entire system, your entire masturbation system have been setup to pictures, to any picture. It will get so bad, that no matter where you walk, you will just start getting aroused. You start as what is referred to as 'horny' - that's why it is gets so out of hand. So, and then what happens, because it gets so out of hand, because you cannot control that energy, that energy balances itself out into man or woman who becomes angry because they are not able to have sex and then they actually start abusing and raping and molesting younger children. Because they know they can't do it with growns up because growns up wont allow them to do that, so they're able to divert their anger because of themselves because they're not able to experience sexual intercourse with another person. They can not! It is impossible, because they can't hold a relationship, they don't know how, they don't know how to communicate, they don't even know how to act, how to communicate, how to speak, how to be, because this entire masturbation system has taking them over completely. And they are fucked. And then what happens is, the only way... they are so abused within themselves, and they know it, that they divert this abuse unto younger children, because it is the only place where they are able to do it freely. Where they are able to be in control of that abuse of themselves and to others. Because, why children? Children can't fight back. Children can't defend themselves. Children can't run away because you are obviously stronger than that child. You' re holding it down and then that's where that abuse comes from. Excuse me for the specifics of this entire situation, but it is required to be understood. Because it is never been understood in this world. And that is why everything is still allowed to be continued. You know why, because people don't speak about it. People don't take the time to understand what the fuck is going on in this world. Why does childabuse exist. Why are those man or those women doing what they are doing to children? And this is it, this is why. Because of the masturbation systems that have been placed within human beings to balance out and stabilize the rest of the sexsystem of this entire world so that normal human beings with normal relationships can have those sex and feed the mind consciousness system of the world and the demons - it was like that, but not any more. So that is why abuse, childabuse and molestation exists, because of the masturbation system inside human beings. When they start using pornography and materialistic objects of this world to bring forth a orgasmic experience within them, because it is impossible for them to have an ordinairy, 'normal' relationship. And then they become more angry because they can't have a normal relationship, they want a normal relationship, but they know they can't have one. They see everyone else having this 'wonderful, beautiful' relationships and then the anger within them grows and then they require to divert that anger and then they become angry at that very system within them which is the sex system and that's why they divert it through having sex by abusing children. Ok, thank you very much, this is Jack.

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