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EN - Maria Olipas - DateATon 2018

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Hi, I am Maria Olipas, a Director with Legacy Party Sales from the Soaring West Region, and I am here today to talk to you about effective host coaching. So what I do with my party host is as soon as date me, I send them or I hand them a party planning folder. And inside of my party planning folder, I make sure to include order forms, a recruiting flyer, the catalogs as well as a fundraiser brochure so that they're aware of our fundraiser program. And I like to give them two full length catalogs, two of our current sales brochures and with record breaker coming up, two of our record breaker flyers. The reason for that so that they can keep one for themselves and they can pass out the other one to their friends and family as well as your neighbors to help collect orders. I also include a host gift sheet. And I get this host gift sheet as well as this wish list from the My Tupperware catalogs and brochures group on Facebook. And I like this host gift sheet because it breaks down all the things that a hostess can earn by hosting a party, all on one form. So I have the dating gift or free thank you gift, or a date and hold gift. And it also gives me the opportunity to explain a little bit more in detail, how our host credit program works as well as the half-off. And it also shows us what the different host gift specials are. So I make sure to include this in all of my party folders. And I also include a wish list. The hardest part doing a party is closing it with the hostess because they probably have a lot of things that they'd like to get. So this helps them get their thoughts organized as well as create some goals for themselves. So once I go over the program and all the things that they can earn, this helps them understand more on how they can get to their goals because they probably have certain items in mind that they want to earn and they're not quite sure how to get there. So this helps them understand where they need to be or what they'd like to get. And then the wish list helps them break that down. So this scale here will show them how close they're getting to each level. And I like this particular wish list and thank you to whoever made this because it helps with pointing out at what level they get each free gift or where they start earning free and half-off. And I love this part of the wish list, what allows them to list, what they'd like to get for free, and what they'd like to get for half-off. So this starts their wish list and helps organize their thoughts a lot better. One of the things that I have found with hostess coaching is we want to try and keep it as simple as possible. Tupperware has such an extraordinary and such a generous host program that oftentimes or host, this is get overwhelmed with all the information and I try to keep it as simple as possible. One of the things I like to draw a lot of attention to is the importance of getting the two datings at their party. So I encourage them to think about the guest that they're inviting and which friends that they would feel would be most open-minded to have a party to also get their free and half-off items, or maybe they have a friend who has said, "I love Tupperware, I just can't afford it." And they would be a perfect candidate for a possible party. To help them, earn all of their host gift benefits. Another thing that I do is I have a manila folder. And on this folder, there is a host checklist on here. And I go through every single step, so it's all listed on here. So step one, you set your party date, you give all of the information to them. And also another thing that I do is I send them a virtual link to a place that I keep all of these virtual files of this folder. I learned this from another consultant on one of the online trainings. So that, if it's someone who is not in your local area and you have to send this to them, they have a virtual folder to look at, in the meantime, while this is in transit. Sometimes you have people that date parties in very, very close, and so that gives them an opportunity to see the stuff right away before they actually get the hardcopy catalogues and flyers so I create a virtual place for that and they can go there. So once they've set their date, we give them their party planning packet and then I coach them on what is it that they want to earn, that way we can figure out what level they need to get to in order to get those products for free or half-off. Friend requests the host on Facebook, and we set up the party and we set up the TupperConnect and we share that link with them right away. Always mail a thank you note. And so I actually have two different ways that I do this. I actually have a postcard that I had made on Vistaprint that says, "Thank you for booking a party with me. I look forward to your event on blank date at set time." So that way I just fill in the date and the time for this, and then I remind them of their different host challenges, that way they can earn more free products. So this is one method that I use with sending out a thank you card because you always want to send a thank you card to your party host and let them know that how important they are to you and your business. The other way as I also have these cards made at Vistaprint. And I actually handwrite a little note in there to them. You know, thank you for dating a party with me. I look forward to being your Consultant at your event." And I just sent this to them. If it's someone that I need to mail the actual party packet to, I actually handwrite this and I put this right in here with the party folder and I send this to them so that they get the thank you handwritten note along with their party folder. And so that's something that I do with them. And then I also keep in touch with them because if you ignore them they will go away. So I try to keep in touch with them as much as possible, not too much, but just try to touch bases with them and make sure that, you know, that they're continuing to be engaged in their party that they're reaching out to their party guests, collecting any orders, especially if it's a party that's dated beyond a current one-week special or maybe it's between mid months, so you want to make sure they get all your orders online before that catalog or that flyer ends so that they still earn the credit from those orders without missing out on the deals. So I make sure to keep in touch with them. I stress the importance of personal invitation. So a lot of times what people do is they just say, "I'm having a party, come over." And I try to tell them, "Send the personal invite to them, reach out to them individually." And tell them, "You're having a party and you would love for them to be there." So that way they feel special and that they're more than likely to attend. And remind them to send you a guest list so you can send out any flyers or postcards. You can reach out to people individually if you're doing something through Facebook, text message, or messenger. And then I also discussed the business opportunity with them because it's probably someone who loves Tupperware. And right now we have our MicroPro Grill as a say yes. So if it's something that's on their wish list especially, I'll tell them another method of getting that in their hands and in their kitchens. I offer them the different ways that they can get Tupperware in their kitchens so I talk about the business opportunity, and if they ever thought about doing what I do. And then you also want to make your calls. Before the party starts, you want to make a call to them and ask them if they hit their $200 on outside orders. Follow up and asked them, "Did you have someone that would date a party with you." And then remind them of the refreshments and ingredients that they're going to need for their demonstration. And when you give them the instructions on the different ingredients that they're going to use for their party, you want to make sure it's really, really clear. So if it's something like they need chicken breast, make sure that they know that it needs to be thawed chicken breast, that way it's not still frozen when you get there or still in the freezer. You want to be very, very detailed with your hostess. For some, and maybe their first party, so they're not aware of what's expected of them, so we need to tell them that. So when do you need maybe an onion for your demonstration, maybe you're making sauce or something like that, you want to make sure you tell them, get canned tomatoes so that you can demonstrate the can opener or tell them, peel the onion before I get there because you don't want to be peeling onions when you get there. And then the day before you want to call them, make sure that they reminded their guests, encourage them. Encourage her to encourage her guests to collect orders from friends who can't make it. And then offer the opportunity one more time. Have you given any more thought to the business opportunity? And then at the party, you wanna kind of feel everybody out and see if you can pick two possible recruits from that event and if they're open to hearing more about the opportunity, schedule a three-way call with your up line and see if you can help enlighten them even more about the business opportunity with Tupperware. And then behind the scenes, you want to close out your orders, you want to add everyone's emails to your Tupper trends list, you want to make your after-party thank you notes, and you also want to send out the customer order forms to your host so that when it's time to pack out when the host receives other products then the hostess can pack everything out easily because she has a copy of that order from that, everybody fills out at the party. And then you want to do a delivery follow-up call, so you want to follow up on your host orders and make sure that they received it, give them their tracking information, and then once it arrives, give them time to go through the box or remind them, it shows that your box was deliberate, did you have any questions about the order, did you need help with the pack out or any products that have come in. So that's what I do with my hosts to coach them through an effective party. And so now my next topic is to discuss a little bit about Facebook Live. I do Facebook Live videos every single day, sometimes multiple times a day, when I'm actually in the kitchen cooking something. And so I do that because the power is in the demonstration. Some of my pointers to those of you who do Facebook Live videos is light and sound, so make sure that there's enough light so they can see everything in your video and it's nice and clear. Sometimes when the light is not that good, the video appears grainy, and it's not because of the quality of the video. A lot of times it's just that the lighting is not bright enough. You want to make sure your sound is good so that they can hear you. I know some people have their phones, kind of, at a distance so they can show a wide array of products. And sometimes what happens with that is you come through very soft so you need to extend your voice a little bit so that they can hear you so make sure your sound is working great. The other tip that I have is set your frame. So you want to make sure that you set your frame and see what's in there before you actually hit Live. For me, I'm in my kitchen. I have a very small kitchen, there isn't really much to see in my kitchen. But you still want to set your frame. I move a lot of stuff. So normally, I have Modular Mates on my counter or maybe the kids left something behind me by the microwave or something like that. So you want to just kind of move that stuff out of the way, just move it where it's not in the frame so they don't see it, just so that it eliminates any distraction. A lot of times what people do is they look at what's behind you and not so much at you because they're looking to see what you got in your kitchen. So I try to, you know, tidy it up. Maybe you have like, for me, I have a bunch of cereal stores on my refrigerator, just make sure they're all straight and not like topsy-turvy or like slanted or jilted. Just kind of straighten up a little bit. And probably my biggest tip is consistency. I know a lot of people are doing Facebook Live videos and that is awesome because that's a great way to reach a lot of people. I started doing this probably almost two years ago and it didn't happen overnight. When I first started I'd say probably the first year it was one or two people at most for a good solid year. Consistency is key. So if you're not getting a lot of people popping on your video live, there are people that watch the replay, maybe they're just not available at the time to watch it. So just keep doing it. Don't quit. Another tip that would have for everyone is that you really need to extend your personality through the camera so you really got to reach out and grab them. If you are someone who is like very shy and you're trying to break out of your shell, it's a great way to do it, but my recommendation would be once that camera is on, you are on. And once it turns on and it says it's Live, you need to roll with it. It's almost like acting, so you kind of have to imagine yourself standing in front of a room of a hundred people or let's say twenty people. So you have to put it on as soon as that thing comes on, you're on, and you're going to start doing your demonstration. You're going to start showing people what it is. Because a lot of people will watch the replays and if you are waiting for somebody to pop on and talk to you on a Live, they are going to have five minutes of dead space and a lot of times you'll lose the viewership because they'll just click off because they're not sure what they're watching. So once it pops on Live, you need to just go with it, put on a show, put on a great show, give them a great demonstration, and before you know it you will start snapping in those viewers that find your share interesting and that they're learning from it. And that's about it. So I hope that I was able to show you something new today and everyone have a great...

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EN - Maria Olipas - DateATon 2018

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