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Ringu Tulku Rinpoche - What meditation really is

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Meditation is a technique, a training on how to make you mind flexible. This is what we usually call 'taming the mind'. What taming the mind means is that the mind is able to do what it should do at that time, and what I really wish it to do at whatever time I want it. For instance, if I say, "Shut up!" it shuts up. If I say, "Think." it thinks. "Do this, do that." And then, "Don't do this and don't do that." That's why, whether it's our reactions, or emotions, we are able to manage our emotions, reactions and therefore also where I am and what I am. I have in my own hands my own stability and happiness. In other words, meditation is learning to have a stable mind. Stability of mind is not that you don't have any thoughts, that you are totally concentrated on something and you cannot get detached from it, or distracted from it, that you always feel good and there is no change. I think that's not stability. The stability of the mind is that you experientially understand that the mind is naturally active and has all sorts of manifestations; thoughts, emotions, sensations, perceptions come, and positive things come, and negative things come also. Therefore, when good feelings, emotions, and experiences come that you are able to let it come and let it go. And if negative, and not so pleasant emotions and experiences come, you are able to let it come and let it go. And when you are able to do that - when you have confidence that this is OK, this happens and you are able to let any kind of positive, or negative experiences, emotions, or thoughts come you can let it come and let it go without being disturbed too much - that is what we call stability of the mind. Therefore, the actual technique of meditation is learning how to make you mind relaxed, but at the same time clear and awake, and be in the present moment. Because all tensions, all problems of our mind (because of the past, or the future) ... and therefore we learn to be in the present moment, without holding on to anything. Thoughts, sensations, perceptions ... whatever I see, whatever I hear I hear what I hear now, I see what I see now. And now is not a long time, so I let it go every moment and if I can be in this state, if I allow myself to be in this state then I am being in the present moment, I'm being natural, and I'm not holding on to anything; I'm clear and open, and not in my thoughts, or in my history. Therefore, I can be relaxed and aware. And the more I can be in that state, the more I learn how to be in the present moment, how to let things come and let things go and experience the joy of the present moment, the tranquility and peace of now. I think that is meditation.

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A few words of wisdom by Tibetan Buddhist teacher Ringu Tulku Rinpoche on what meditation really is.

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