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Bill Maher - Bianco e oro (sub ita)

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You know, in these just shows everybody sees what they wanna see How about that dress ladies and gentlemen? How many... How about that for a sec... How many thought that dress was blue and black? What about white and gold? Really? So pleanly blue and black. Anyway we did a little research on these and we found out that actually liberals and conservatives see this things differently So we wanna show you a few of this Optical illusions, pictures, and we'll show you what I mean for exemple liberals see this blue and black mostly and conservatives see a slut who wants the goverment pay for a contraceptives Look at this one Conservatives see an owl's face in a cup of coffee Liberals see Newr Gingrich's wife . Look at this one Liberals say this is a black teenager with an orange soda Conservatives say " Oh my god, he's got a gun, shoot now!" Booing applause, my favourite reaction. Conservatives look at this and see an elephant with five legs Liberals see the governor of New Jersey. Liberals say these two lines have actually the same lenght. Conservatives say " This chinese guy is watching me" Look at this one Liberals see two elderly people Conservatives see two young people. Here is famous, People argue this for years, is a rabbit or is a duck Liberals say it's a duck, conservatives say: "Who cares, let's deep fried in oil" Liberals see Cory Booker rescueing a dog. Conservatives see Cory Booker stealing a dog. Look at this one: liberals see a woman's face. You see the woman's face? Conservatives see Bill Clinton playing the saxophone with an erection.

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Country: Andorra
Language: Italian
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Posted by: comedybay on Jul 26, 2015


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