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Mid-October 2018 Brochure (English)

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♪ Ole ole ole Tupperware ♪ ♪ It's time to party now ♪ ♪ Celebrate Ole ole ole ♪ ♪ Tupperware It's time to double now ♫ Hey y'all. It's me Cheryl, and are you ready to go out and do some gourmet gift giving at your Tupperware parties? Well, you're gonna be able to do that using your mid-October brochure. Y'all, it is just packed full of some amazing gifts that you can offer to all of your customers at your Tupperware parties. But, before we go to the customers, let's start with the host because we have a brand new host gift special. Now, the one y'all are seeing here this is almost the complete configuration but your hostesses are gonna qualify for it in the brand new holiday jewel tone colors! They are gorgeous y'all and your host are gonna want them. So what are they gonna qualify for? Well, first of all guys, they're gonna get the Holiday Host Prep Set Mixing Bowls and you know y'all, this is exclusive to this brochure, and this has been around for almost 70 years, and it really is a favorite for all your customers, and a reason why they're gonna want to date their own Tupperware party. The great thing about our mixing bowls guys is, the inside of these mixing bowls are textured, I know! which means they are beater safe and they also are gonna receive the fixer mix bowl and that is another favorite of all of your customers. So another reason why they're gonna wanna host a Tupperware party. So look how amazing this set is guys because they're not just getting one, they're getting two. So they have everything they need to prep and get ready for those holiday get-togethers. But we also have in this host gift special y'all, we also have a set of four of our canisters and you know what? These would make great gifts for the best driver, the school teacher, you could do it for maybe your postman, your FedEx guy, your host are gonna want these guys and they're gonna be able to make those holiday treats using the mixing bowl set. And then you know what guys? They're gonna wanna store all of those treats and Tupperware has the answer because your host are not gonna get one, they're gonna get two of our snack store large, and this is the perfect size for these homemade brownies, those homemade cookies those homemade candies guys. So, they're gonna want it, but remember when they're making everything they're also gonna have to have our measuring cups and our measuring spoons. And make sure you tell at all of your parties why our measuring cups and measuring spoons are so amazing. First of all, the measuring spoons all lock into place. Tupperware is one of the only ones that offers a one eighth in their measuring spoons, and then, on our measuring cups y'all not only do they look pretty, but they also have a pouring spout on each side. So whether you're right handed or left handed, these work. And, another selling feature of our measuring cups guys is, Tupperware offers our measuring cups with the two thirds cup and that's also pretty exclusive to just Tupperware. So, lots of reasons why they're gonna want to host a Tupperware party and get this entire host gift special for free. But now let me show you one more thing that they could earn absolutely free and that is, our dating gifts guys. Now, this right here is a set of four of our little ideal bowls, and these are the best y'all, they're so awesome. So, just for letting me walk through the front door I'm gonna give this bowl to my host and remember, when you're talking about all of our Tupperware bowls that are round y'all when it has the round seal, that means that it is liquid and airtight If the seal is square, it's only airtight, okay? So, they can have this cute little bowl guys and they can put treats in here. They can use these guys inside their diaper bags, they can use it inside their lunch bags guys, its the bomb. One just for letting me walk through the front door. A second one y'all, when they have 10 guests at the Tupperware party. They can earn another one y'all for 100 dollars or more in paid out side orders, and then they get another one y'all when they have a date in waiting, or we call it a 'blind date'. So, a whole set of four. Look how awesome this brand new host gift special is your date book is gonna be jammed packed, cause all of your host are gonna want to get these brand new, holiday jewel tone host gift special. Are you excited? Okay y'all, so now you know why your host are gonna wanna host a party. Now, why are all of their friends gonna wanna come to a party? Well, first of all we're gonna start with the TupperWave Stack Cooker y'all. I will tell you, this is one of my favorite pieces of Tupperware and you will see it inside your brochure, and it is a call back to the last two weeks of the October sales month and the firt two weeks of the sales brochure. You can tell everyone at your parties that when they say yes to the Tupperware opportunity, this TupperWave Stack Cooker is the say yes offer for a small co-pay y'all. So you gonna wanna make sure you have your stack cooker and you're taking it to your Tupperware parties to make those amazing candy recipes. And here's the cool thing guys, in your brochure, this is exclusive, this is our rectangular silicone form y'all. So they're only gonna be available in this brochure for right now. And this is the one that you're gonna make some of your recipes for your candy making class, and it also has in your brochure this exclusive long handle silicone spatula y'all. This is the perfect size to either, A) Get all those little extras out of the nook and crannies, but it's also great guys because on the one side of this spatula, it has a little bit of a pointed tip to it so then, when you're making the bark inside here and you want to cut it, you can cut this into the squares, using this spatula inside this form and it's not gonna cut the form y'all, okay? So, your customers are gonna love this, it's exclusive, limited time everyone's gonna want it, plus the handle is extra long so you can also use this when you're cleaning out your jars and you wanna get all the way to the bottom cause you wanna get the very last bit in that jar. This is the handle that you're gonna wanna have guys. This is also dishwasher safe, exclusive, your customers are gonna want it y'all. And I would take these two and I would put it together as a set. And this is how I would sell it at my Tupperware parties y'all, cause they're gonna want the form, and they're gonna want the long handed silicone spatula. Now, let me just tell you all a couple of things you wanna talk about when you're demonstrating the exclusive silicone form. First of all guys, this form will go in the oven, it'll go in the microwave, it'll go in the refrigerator, it'll go in the freezer! Okay, so it does it all y'all. And do you know what else is really great about ours? Ours have handles, so it makes it really easy to take it out of the oven, out of the refrigerator, out of the microwave, or out of the freezer. Another great thing about ours is when these heat up, they have no odor y'all, they have no odor. Ours are superior, it's the best on the market. And another thing you wanna tell all of your customers is you can take these forms and if you were to store them and fold them over, you could do that guys and you could take them out and unfold them and they hold their shape. So that's another reason why everyone's gonna want Tupperware silicone forms in their kitchen. Okay y'all, so I want y'all to know where you can go find these awesome candy recipes that are in the brochure. So here's what you're gonna do guys you're gonna go to your you're gonna click on recipes, you're gonna click on the icon that has the picture of the brochure and when you open that up, you're gonna find the recipe for the chocolate peanut butter squares which you're gonna use the stack cooker and use your silicon form and you're also gonna find the recipe for the coconut bars that you're gonna be using your TupperWave Stack Cooker for guys, okay? And these are two, really great, simple easy recipes that you can do at your Tupperware parties to entice people to wanna a) Come to a party and, b) Host a party to get that amazing host gift special absolutely free. Okay y'all and you know, this is the perfect time at your parties that you wanna tell your customers that Tupperware is the perfect solution for those gift giving ideas. And we have gift giving ideas from the kids, all the way to the adults. So let's start with the kids first y'all. We have our mini baking set. It's back, cause you all know it's not in the catalog, but it is featured in your mid-October brochure and it is on sale. Now, what's so cool about this guys? Is you can do your kids in the kitchen parties like we did last year and the year before and yes, my little gingerbread guy is gonna keep falling over y'all, okay? And so we have an editable an editable, which means you can go in and type flyer available for you under the icon on your my.tupperware website that you can put in all your kids in the kitchen parties information and use that as an invitation. Okay y'all, and remember your customers can get this at those parties and those kids in the kitchen parties with a 40% saving. But you know what y'all, for all of y'all, you all can get a bakers dozen of these, there is a sample sheet available on the my.tupperware website under the icon of your mid-October brochure where you can get a bakers dozen. and if you don't know what a baker's dozen is, a baker's dozen is, you purchase 12 and get 1 free. How awesome is that? Okay y'all, but you know what, we also have one of our best selling gift sets for the holiday, for the kids in our play day pack. And it comes with a set of our Bell Tumblers and the Sipper Seals and you also get, a set of the little ideal bowls and then you also get the iconic Shape-O toy guys. And you know this is a must have for everybody whether that child is a new born, okay? And they're just using it as a rattle, and as they grow, you can use it as a ball, and when they get older, you can take it apart and the shapes come out and you can teach them all of their different shapes. You can also teach kids how to count using this, you can also use it with hand, eye coordination. You know what guys? This is also great as an adult for a really fun game at one of your adult or at your Tupperware parties. This, my friend, is a great gift giving set during the holidays. But you know what y'all, we have fun la la la la not only for the kids, but also for the adults. And look what's on sale! It's our three piece holiday canister guys. And this is on sale in your brochure. The perfect one guys, that you can use whether you're giving away holiday treats on the inside, or you're using this as a whole entire gift to give to somebody during the holidays. Remember Tupperware is the gift that keeps on giving. And this my friends is on sale. So are you ready to go out and have some fun la la la at all of your Tupperware parties? And you know what ya'll? You'll also see in your brochure that we also have a call back to the catalog with our cookie holiday canister. So you could put the cookie canister and this together as a set, and you know what y'all? You could have one really nice set for somebody, or like your customers could have four individual holiday gifts filled with treats on the inside. So remember guys, tell all your customers at their Tupperware parties that Tupperware is the gift that keeps on giving. Okay y'all, guess what? The gift giving ideas continue and are you ready to go to your parties and help your customers be holiday plan over-perfect. Well, they can do that guys, using our crystal way set. Now let me tell you a couple of things, first of all, I have the right sizes, I just don't have the right colors. Your customers colors are gonna come in the beautiful vineyard color. We also have some exclusive sizes here and because they're exclusive sizes and because they're exclusive colors guess what y'all? That doesn't mean they have the stain guard because it does. I know! How awesome is that? So these also have that amazing stain guard applied to these crystal white pieces. And make sure that you're sharing that at your Tupperware party. So now, what sizes are these? You're gonna get an eight and a half cup, your customers are gonna get a six and a quarter and they're gonna get the most favorite two and a half cup. And when your customers purchase this set, it also entitles them to get the P with P, which is two more of our two and a half cup bowl size which is absolutely positively one of my favorites and you know why y'all? Cause it's just the perfect size, right? It's the perfect size for that homemade mac and cheese that you know is gonna be calling you the next day. And then one more tip y'all that you wanna share at all your Tupperware parties with our crystal way is, you always wanna make sure that whenever you're using crystal way, or whenever you're reheating any of your plan-overs you always wanna reheat at 50-70 percent power in the microwave. So, and make sure you tell them that they have to actually open up the little tab here, for the venting system. So, absolutely love this set y'all and here's what's so great about it y'all. Make sure you're telling at your Tupperware parties to all of your customers, they can take and purchase this three piece set and then add on the P with P set and then when they do that guys, if they want to they can keep a set for themselves and then they have a really great set that they can gift to somebody for the holiday. So once again y'all, more great gift giving sets in your mid-October brochure. Okay y'all, and now we're gonna go to the tear off October the 13th through the 26th and we have some perfect pairings that you're gonna be able to offer to all of your customers. Starting with our gourmet cheese set. It comes with our cheese smart container and you know what guys? This is exclusive to this brochures tear off. And what's so special about this is, you know what y'all? When you're out and you're purchasing your more expensive gourmet cheese, they need to breathe. So what Tupperware has done, is they have created this cover and on this cover looking at it, you might think, well, it's got holes, Cheryl. But there is actually a film inside here. And what happens guys, let me just demonstrate, if you were to take a little pen and push it right down in here, you can see that underneath it doesn't go all the way through, okay? So the reason it's designed that way, is what happens is the condensation can build up inside here, but it stays up in here in the dome cover of your cheese smart so it keeps your cheese longer and it keeps it fresher y'all, okay? So, this really is a must have and if you've got customers that buy the gourmet cheeses, they're gonna love this y'all. And it's also paired with one of my favorites and that is our cheese knife. Now, it does come with a sheath, it is made out of our stainless steel, and you know what y'all, I promise you once you take this to a party and you slice some cheese with this your customers are gonna want it cause this truly is the So watch this y'all. I've got some cheese here and if you wanted just to use regular pair knife, what happens y'all is it doesn't go all the way through and it's never the same thickness and you have to kind of, like cut it like this. Watch, are you ready? You just take this, you start to go down see how easy that is y'all? And you go all the way through And voila! You have a perfect slice cut of cheese. I love this. So you can take it and then you can leave your cheese like on your serving board and then your guests can pick up the cheese knife slice their own thickness of cheese use the two little prongs on the tip of the cheese knife pick it up, and voila! How awesome is that? So they can slice it, they can pick it up and then guess what? They can eat it. Mmm so good y'all. Okay y'all, and remember I said perfect pairing. Now, this alone is an amazing set but you can also pair it with a wine accessory set, because wine and cheese goes together like peanut butter and jelly. So, what are they gonna get in their accessory set? Well y'all asked for it and the marketing amazing people listened and they're giving back to you your foil cutter, it's on the tear off only two weeks guys. But this right here will cut around the foil on the top of your wine bottle. And then you're gonna take and you can then use our corkscrew and honestly guys, this is a super easy corkscrew to use. So all you gonna do guys is once you cut off the top of the bottle of wine, the foil then you're gonna take the corkscrew, put it on top, right? And you just twist all the way down, and just keep twisting that's all you do. You just twist twist twist twist twist and that corkscrew is gonna come out of the top of the wine bottle, right? It will be attached to your little corkscrew Voilà! It's actually that easy to take the cork out of the wine bottle and then, you can actually pour your wine. Now, if your using your red wine and even your white but really with your red wine guys before you put the topper on and which we also give you not one, but two of our rubbers toppers, you wanna take all of the air out of the bottle of wine. So what you're gonna do is you're gonna take this put it on top of the bottle of wine, put this on top and then you're just going to lift this up and down it's almost like a bicycle pump guys, and you'll see the harder it is to lift that means there's no more air in that bottle of wine, and that's gonna keep your red wine fresher longer. And then when it's all done, we also have the large packable and you can put all of this inside the large packable guys. Now, your corkscrew is gonna come in this really pretty vineyard color so it all fits right inside here guys. And look, Tupperware is actually giving you your gift giving box right inside here because watch, are you ready? Voilà! And now you know where everything is when you need to have your wine accessory set. So whether you're using it guys as an individual set with your gourmet cheese serving set, or your wine accessory set you can put it together for the ultimate holiday gift giving set. Okay y'all, and you know what? Your holiday gift-giving ideas and savings continues on your tear off with not one, but two of our exclusive holiday water bottles. And they cordinate and they complement your holiday canister set perfectly. Now, your cap of this water bottle is going to come in this beautiful peacock color guys, which once again coordinates with your holiday canister set. Your customers can get not one, like I said, two. Okay y'all, and you know what I would do at my parties? Is, I would take your holiday canister, your three piece that's on sale and your cookie canister, and the two water bottles and make that up as a set and call it your family gift giving set It's only 49 dollars in the US, only 59 in Canada. How amazing is that y'all? But you know what? We're not done because on the back of your brochure we have more gift giving ideas and your customers can take advantage of not one, but two of our spaghetti dispenser, and once again they're in the exclusive peacock color seals so that it coordinates with everything else that's in the brochure. And you know what y'all? You can use these for your santa brownie idea, you can also use this for a soup mix inside here. You can also put a hot chocolate mix inside here, or guess what y'all? You could fill it with peanut M&M's and use this as a great gift guys. And then when the M&M's are gone, they have the best spaghetti dispenser ever. And they are on sale on the back of your brochure guys for the whole entire duration of your brochure. And remember y'all, make sure that you're offering the Tupperware opportunity at every single party and you can use Jenny's I story, to help tell your I story or to also help offer the Tupperware opportunity at your Tupperware parties. And I love what Jenny said, let me read it to y'all. "The reason why others should say yes to the opportunity are as varied as the fascinating people in this business." So I know Jenny is so glad she said yes, I'm so glad I said yes, so you know what y'all? Make sure you're offering the Tupperware opportunity at your Tupperware parties. Think big, start small, but go out and offer the Tupperware opportunity now See y'all. Tupperware ♫

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Mid-October 2018 Brochure (English)

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