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Lag BaOmer - Rav Berg (eliminating the blockages of physicality)

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On this day he chose to leave this world And the word for "leaving this world" is and, as tradition has it, the reason that he left was because Satan, who created this playing field of pain, suffering, misery and chaos came to the Creator and said: "Look, you have created me to create a playing field by which man would be tested and which he would have the opportunity to correct and amend his ways. As long as Rabbi Shimon's presence is felt in this Universe I have no purpose here, I cannot function. I cannot maintain a playing field In other words, no man, no woman, no child would be bent on any negative activity. Because the Light of Rabbi Shimon is so powerful that before someone could begin to embark on a negative cause, because of my influence, immediately that activity would be altered, changed into one of positivity. So there is actually no purpose for my continuing to be the manager of this Playing Field" Rabbi Shimon then accepted the decision that he would have to leave so as to permit Satan to continue to manage his playing field. So this has been the interpretation year after year. As I was preparing a discourse for people in Israel who are presently at the Idra Rabba I delivered my discourse which was entirely different and new from any that had given in the past Because suddenly the word "histalka min alma" can mean 'to depart', but that same word means 'to rid of' You can interpret as Rabbi Shimon departing from this Earthly existence. But in view of everything that is being revealed in our time which essentially adds up to one idea and one idea alone and that is to remove that physicality wherein chaos becomes manifested embedded. So when the Zohar states that what makes this day so special as I had never before understood. That on this day 'Hod sheba Hod' Rabbi Shimon chose this particular day so that he could remove all of the barriers of the physical manifestation - the physicality that we are familiar with - places upon us That by connecting as we are this evening and with the consciousness to understand that Rabbi Shimon already had laid the ground work for us He had indeed shown and proven way in which we remove not physicality, but the obstacles of physicality. And with this idea, just to understand this somewhat in a bit deeper, this physicality the instrument that prevents me from walking through that wall is negative. But Rabbi Shimon could walk through that wall Why? Because he had converted - as nanotechnology demands today - to convert physicality that it no longer represent something of a negative nature. The negative aspect of physicality being uprooted no longer having its influence then it should heal it in a moment Because the healing powers are already embedded within every human being That cancerous tumor that physicality only represents a physical entity gone haywire, gone negative But with Rabbi Shimon's support today we can convert - and it was meant to be converted - nanotechnology, force of physicality which has played mankind since the sin of Adam has now finally met its day. It met its day tonight when Rabbi Shimon influenced established the precedence of removing all negativity from every physical entity that exists on this Universe. This was the idea of the splitting of the Red Sea Taking out the negative aspects of the Red Sea and, consequently, it could not drench the clothing of the Isrealites as they walked through. That is a new concept, because we are so familiar with what water can do in its rage it can flood, create disaster but that was not what water was meant to be at the time of Creation. It was only after the sin that things became mixed up But now we want to undo and remove that mixture of good and evil. We want to refer back to the time of the Tree of Life That flawless Universe because the physical elements originally, at the time of Creation never were meant to be a hindrance, a limitation upon our movement But it is strange what Rabbi Shimon goes on to say in this opening paragraph When Rabbi Shimon, in the Idra Rabba, revealed the secrets of the Zohar, the secrets of Kabbalah, the secrets of the Universe before embarking on this revelation he asked that each companion embrace the one next to him Each became one unit for there seems to be a requirement and, unfortunatelly, the one obstacle that still remains, the sole requirement, as Hilel had stated Rabbi Akiva had stated, "Do not do unto others that which is odious unto you" It is the only requirement, my friends For us to achieve that kind of consciousness doesn't require more than the idea that we remove hate from our lexicon, from our consciousness and is it because we are to be righteous? And the answer is 'No'. Is it for morality? The answer is 'No' Is it because is ethical? The answer is 'No' It is simply the only impediment to acquire the unity of consciousness that is required to overturn the limitations of time, space and motion. Is it a short order? The answer is 'No' Is it difficult? Well, it must be, because for millennia mankind just doesn't seem to be able to come up with either a desire or a conviction to stop hating. But with the support of Rabbi Shimon tonight and many of the other tools that we are being furnished with we have access into that power. It is ours to be taken to be understood and to be enjoyed, only because, since the sin, Rabbi Shimon restored the positivety of all physicality in this Universe. It is only through perpetuation, by hatred, that the work of Rabbi SHimon does not become revealed But as we begin to raise our consciousness As we begin to understand that it ts for our own personal benefit that it simply does not pay to habor; or that any negativety hatred lingers on within our mind, within our hearts. The time is here and now! The job had been done All that is required now is for each and every single one of us to think about somone whom we think we love and say "That condition, that situation, that circumstance is not going to prevent me from removing the chaos that already had disappeared on this day of Lag B'Omer with Rabbi Shimon

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lag b omer rav shimon bar yochai and eliminating the blockages of physicality

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