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Silent Retreat 2 - Coming to a Crossroad

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We live life through fear - and when we are afraid -comes a decision to take and we become paralyzed But first, it is only an illusion that we are "deciding" This decision is something that is passing through us and is using our mental bodies, is using our energy to crystallize itself through us but you cannot say that you take the important decisions in your life. You don't decide when you fall in love, you don't decide when you will have a moment of expansion of consciousness. You don't decide when this - love will stay - when it will fade away -- you don't decide how long this expansion of consciousness will stay. Do you really think that you decided to book and register this retreat? Okay! Play with this illusion a bit longer The illusion of control You are not the doer of your life - relax - let go Let life pass through you You are not doing it, you're living it - and when you are living it - comes - a moment -- and in a very sensitive meditative space, you'll see This is happening -- you are not doing it - you'll even see yourself You'll suddenly see yourself If you are fully aware, fully centered and collected - you'll see yourself getting up going to the fridge, taking something to drink It is not you who is doing this - it is life happening through you I explained to you once before that we don't know how to live life, we know only how to "do" life. We forgot the art of - being, yes? - Everything -we turn it into a formula, into a recipe, into a doing, even the most sacred things like music - -It's becoming n industry - we "do" music, we don't create music. We industrialize food, we don't grow food. Then we try to "do" meditation rather than being meditation. But when the river is flowing It doesn't need - to do anything to flow towards the ocean. It is simply - this is its nature - this is what is happening It's like everything is happening and we are trying to do it because we don't know - how to be and meditation is this - being aware of very subtle movements flow - be - There is the people who are swimming and using all the muscles to go downstream or -- reaching faster towards the ocean. Those are the spiritual people. There is the people who are pushing and using all their effort and muscle to go upstream - those are the materialistic people. They want to reach somewhere -- in material. The other wants to reach God Those are the obvious ones. Then there is those that are less obvious - who are using less movement, because, they grew in consciousness a bit - they see the obvious movement. Meditation is that space Where you're absolutely still. Where your energy is not going into - not climbing upstream and not pushing yourself downstream. - where there is no - where you are aware of the most subtle movements in which you try to "do" your life Let go - lose control - Be it And there will come those that say - "Then if you don't have goals and if you don't "do" - and if you don't have ambitions then - what about reality?" "What about manifesting -- the human experience and the needs in the human experience? In that case, I can always take out - the visitors card of Pachamama and say "Here, this entire thing has been done effortlessly - not as a goal, and not as a pushing and not as a doing It has happened through us. It is not something that we did, it is something that manifested itself through us. It's used our human body our intelligence, our totality. It's used us - but we didn't do it Meditation is when you are hollow and you allow life to pass through you Now, you are standing in front of a beautiful junction - But this fear - to decide - is paralyzing and then - Then it becomes a nightmare then you start to think -- what if -- what if you stay and you don't manage to dig deep within yourself--what if you go and you miss Pachamama - What if - the scenarios. How can you know? It is a journey to the unknown like that - the story that Osho tells when Mulla Nasrudin wants to learn how to swim and - he told him "Ok, I will - he went to his friend and he told him "Ok, I will teach you how to swim and they went near the river and he slipped on the mud and almost fell in the river and then he - backed off and held the tree tight and his friend told him "Mulla - let's go into the river that I can teach you how to swim" and he said "No - first you teach me how to swim then I will enter the river" You first want certainty and then you want to jump into life -- you first want to have it known -- and then you want to dive into the mystery What kind of a mystery is it if you are an adventurous spirit -- let go --go into this mystery and see where it takes you How can something go wrong if there is no such thing as wrong? What can happen?? If it is in your stars that you need to get -- a slap -- as a wake-up call, you'll get it everywhere you go -- If it is not in your stars, you'll be spared from it everywhere you go Let the trust be awakened within you -- the trust is If you had a glimpse - of expansion, of meditation then you'll know that there is a beyond. Then you know that life is not a coincidence. Then you'll know that even if you don't know what's happening -- it's happening as it should be then this confusion that you are passing through -- let it crystallize you. It is a beautiful process. And of course when you are in your twenties, dilemmas like this are becoming bigger than they should be because that's what people in their twenties are doing --yeah? it is ok It is really Either It is not even your decision but you are taking responsibility for for the life that is passing through you because you misunderstand - this force; and when you misunderstand the force of life you cannot relax into it. You cannot let it happen because we are afraid, we want to be in control -- when the mystery comes -- we reject it , we block it because what is it? First I want to -- learn how to swim, then I will jump -- We block it Why? because you believe -- in your limitations Whatever happens it is going to be right or wrong - only if you will create this duality If you free your mind out of these These filters then you step into the reality of suchness Then you live the moment fearlessly

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Satsang with Tyohar - excerpts from June 26, 2011

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