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Free radicals

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Antioxidants all structures that exist in the universe are formed from molecules which are composed of atoms The atom is the smallest unit of an element at the center of the atom lies the nucleus Formed by protons and neutrons The number of electrons in an atom Is equal to the number of protons in the nucleus which creates a stable energy But when an atoms gains or loses an electron it produces an instability forming a free radical All existence on the planet depend on the on the presence of oxygen From microorganisms , plants from microorganisms plants to superior beings like humans and animals need oxygen to grow and to live oxygen is one of the greatest things for life and is essential for continued existence on this planet but it can cause damage to the body through a process called oxidation oxidation occurs when oxygen reacts and combines with other substances when a substance gains oxygen it is oxidized when oxidation occurs energy is released which can happen slowly like in the corrosion corrosion of metals or in a quick explosive form like in the case of combustion Oxygen is necessary life and is highly reactive molecule that can damage living organisms known commonly as a free radical Free radicals are basically atoms or groups of atoms that can impact electrons these attack other molecules in an attempt to remove electrons and in the process damage the organism in an attempt to gain stability for a return to equilibrium free radical attack other molecules trying to remove an electron creating a free radical chain this attack of free radicals on tissues can affect and damage the structure of the cells These cells then function incorrectly that can produce a disease and result in a chronic illness biomedical studies have found that free radical attack has been linked to to damage of the cell membrane as well as to the mitochondrial DNA and to the functioning of the immune system which can lead to the appearance of cancer there is importance to preventing and protecting against the dangers of free radicals that can damage and affect health.

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free radicals

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