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Nita Johnson's Message Concerning the African American People

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♫-♫-♫ -♫ Well you can see what's happening between the races right? If you read wind then you know that African-American gangs are jumping around on Caucasian people All over this city and over this nation. and, there's never a news report on it. Not in mainstream media. But when the Caucasian do there insane stuff then, the whole nations knows, because they're trying to stir up a racial war. Well I saw another event...... I watched it in absolute horror. As two policemen, and I watched this because, before all of this stuff with this Mr. Michael Brown came about the Lord spoke to me in a dream and told me that the enemy the elite are trying to stir up racial wars in, St. Louis Missouri. So when I saw what was going on concerning Mr. Brown I took note of it...... Now here, I think its just two weeks later.... This, African American I don't know he could have been In his twenties, early thirties. He may have had a little bit too much to drink or little too much from the drug arena I don't know? he just kept walking back and forth.... in front of this, like mom and pop store. two policemen drive up in a truck. a police truck. get out of their police trucks, pull their guns, and twelve bullets were fired, at this young man. who had no weapon right there... in mid day.... in cold blood.... The young, black man that took the video of it with his camera, all I could hear him say.... over, and over, and over again is, "They did it again! Oh my God!" "They just killed him Oh my God!" "They did it again!" He was in shock, He couldn't believe it. About six, or seven African Americans came out of wherever they were. I don't know if they were in houses, cars, what... but when they realized what had happened, they came out trying to, you know take a look, trying to understand what had just happened. And you could feel their fear.. And their pain. That this man, was killed for no other reason Than he was African American. It made them afraid for their own lives. but moreover the pain that one of their race, was killed for no other reason than his color they felt betrayed I felt it, the Lord let me feel their hearts. How long do you think this is going to take... before they stir up race wars? I have a friend that told me that revival is going to fall.... right around a bunch of cities in conflaguration And I think its this issue that's going to cause it. The only reason it has not already exploded The Angel of the Lord came to me years ago and told me. That if America did not change its attitude towards the African American people... there were going to be fires all over this nation particularly, in ghetto areas right after that, what was that young man's name? that the police killed? yes... Right after that within a month, before I could get it published.... in my book "Prepare" They killed Rodney Howard Brown and the next thing you know, America is exploding. and now... their trying to sir it up again now think about this just think about this I want you to understand the power of prayer. The last time it was with the shooting of one man, and America exploded. This time look what the elite have done to try to stir up racial wars. Its been issue after issue after issue, and they have not been able to do it, and they have not been able to do it. Because we have been praying. We must continue to keep praying over this issue. Repenting, of our treatment of the African American people, And asking God to interevene, against the plans and purposes of the elite. We want unity of heart and spirit And one of the ways that its going to happen is if African Americans get saved. only about FIVE percent of them are saved. Did you know that? But God is going to move in this nation, in a mighty revival among the African Americans. I've seen stadiums filled with African Americans I've seen it many times, And these stadiums filled with people getting saved, getting healed, filled with the Holy Ghost. God isn't done. He has to fulfill every promise that he has made to me Because we are standing in the gap for this nation. Amen? One of the major reasons that they want this racial war is for martial law. Their going to try it in the area of finance, but there also trying to make it happen through the African American racial wars. They want martial law. And we've gotta keep praying against that. Don't be afraid to pray against it. You know somtimes in our gatherings people who come to our gatherings. Most of them Ninety-Nine Percent really understand what we are doing. And are fully for what we are doing But you have this .1 Percent you know this One percent People will come up to me and "Why don't you just leave this stuff alone?" And I'll say "What Stuff?" "All this praying you're doing!" "Just pray for people to get saved!" "Pray for the harvest!" And I look at them and I say "But what about what the bible says?" That we are to pray for the place that we live, that we may have peace. "I just don't think all this stuff is necessary!" And I'm thinking, well you can go sit in the corner and believe what you want to believe. But when things start exploding in your face You're going to wish that you would have added your prayers to ours Am I right? So when you have Christian friends saying that you know. Their not getting in touch. And you need to get them in touch with reality! You pray or you're going to be afraid to send your kids outside, in the morning!

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Posted by: sweetness4ucristo on Oct 29, 2014

Clip from Nita Johnson's Message entitled "Never Give Up" series. Nita Johnson is addressing the recent violence and police brutality that occurred in Ferguson, MO with the deaths of Michael Brown, and Kajieme Powell. Nita Johnson also warns America that if we do not repent for the injustices that have been placed upon the African-American people and the Native Americans, that you will start to see fires in and around the African American communities and the ghetto areas. She also says that she sees a revival in numerous stadiums across the land where African-Americans get saved and that there are at least right now today FIVE PERCENT, yes FIVE PERCENT of African Americans who are saved. I pray that God's will be done for the land for for this nation.

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