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NewSpace News - Live Show 3.32

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Ben: Welcome to SpaceVidCast 3.32 for Friday, September 24th... aught-10? Cariann: Aught...ten? Ben: 2-aught-ten? Cariann: 2-aught? Ben: My name is Benjamin Higginbotham and with me as usual is the beautiful, lovely, wonderful, and talented... ...and scooching this way - Cariann. We are your SpaceVidCasters and we've got an action-packed EPICsode for you tonight we've got -- this is pretty much the NewSpace show. Ben: Did you see the run-down? Cariann: Yes! Ben: I was actually trying to call it up, now I'm just gonna make sure. Cariann: ♫NewSpace!♫ Is that better? Ben: Yeah, no kidding, absolutely. Ben: We've got a ton of NewSpace news; it's pretty cool stuff that's happening and then we've got a little bit of old space. A little bit of new, a little bit of old. Cariann: Do we have something blue? Ben: Yeah, no. (chuckles) that's funny though. Cariann: Damnit! Ben: (laughs) Ben: A couple things, I just wanted to thank Crow River Coffee for sponsoring us as they do, week after week. And you know, we don't mention them enough in the show they are the awesome creators of Blast-Off Blend coffee. Look at that it almost looks like the gold foil stuff you saw on the lunar module... LEM and you can get Blast-Off blend by going to It is awesome space geek coffee! And coming soon, at your request: Tea-0 the special blend of tea for space geeks. Certainly, go grab some coffee. It helps them help us, as it were. Awesome sponsors of the show. Crow River Coffee. And um, should we get started, straight into some space news here? Cariann: Might as well. Ben: Alright, space news. Ben: Yes... yes... I love it. Alright, starting off the news: Boeing and Space Adventures have teamed up. and what are they teaming up for? Well, they're going to be building a pretty awesome crew transportation... Cariann: This looks amazing. Ben: Well, you know, it's kind of a rehash of what Boeing was working on for NASA. check out this video. Cariann: Right. Ben: It's the crew transportation... I'm sorry Crew Space Transportation, or CST-100. This is the Boeing CST-100 and it's designed to mount on top of just about any rocket well, not just about any rocket, that wouldn't work, obviously. But certainly, more than "A" rocket. Cariann: Anything you got. Ben: Little itty-bitty ones, you know those homemade rockets (laughs) No, but it's a 7-person crew module and they're teaming up with Space Adventures, so they're hoping to be able to do manned missions by 2015. And they're going to be able to go to the International Space Station and this is what I love: future low-Earth object stations. Cariann: LEO stations Ben: and when you look at these stations, it's obviously Bigelow, and then they were like Cariann: yes! Ben: they made these Bigelow animations and clearly they were like, "you know, let's not even try to hide it." And if you look on the side it says, clear as day: Both: BIGELOW! (laughing) Ben: But cool, right? So now we're retaking some of that Orion technology and turning it into something that mere mortals may be able to use I think that's cool. Cariann: ...something interesting? Ben: Well, no, I don't want to say it's the same thing, but it's pretty awesome, right? I mean, we'll be able to-- instead of just killing the program dead, we can reuse it in a commercial way and here you go, now you've got something that can go to the International Space Station, or, you know, it can go to a Bigelow... and keep in mind, this is one of the problems Bigelow has right now How do they get people to their space stations? Cariann: Right. Ben: There's really, there's SpaceX... from a purely non-governmental standpoint, there's SpaceX OK, well that completes my list. Cariann: There you go, alright! Ben: And, you know, they haven't even-- and we'll talk about SpaceX a little bit later on in the show. Cariann: If I may really quickly, before this animation ends, um If you noticed, when it was docked with the Bigelow station right, station, that's what we're calling it? There were 2 modules: there was 1 that was already docked underneath, and this other one was docking... I love the flat parachutes... Ben: I know, they're like: "2D animation!"

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Duration: 30 minutes and 36 seconds
Year: 2010
Country: United States
Language: English
Producer: Benjamin Higginbotham
Director: Adam Jochum
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Posted by: spacevidcast on Sep 26, 2010

Space Adventures has been busy setting up new partnerships to get YOU in to space, Boeing is making good use of their Orion tech, Armadillo Aerospace not only wants to put you in to space, but they also have awesome video of their Super Mod vehicle. As mentioned in the show, this is the new Virgin Galactic video that we decided not to air: If you're a space geek, that is certainly worth the 9 minute watch!

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