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Rome is that way, to the horizon. But before we can enter, you must stay the night here. Stay here for the night? Ah, that would be good. I am a little tired and sleepy from our tasks. yawn Yes, but I must warn you that all who stay the night on these plains... die of fear. They call this place "The Plain of the Departed" Very well, good night, if I may say... What do you think happens in this place? I do not know, I do not care. We shall be fit to enter Rome tomorrow and know what our last task will be. Lets go to sleep. There is no need to go further, we will settle here. You... you think? Yes, good night Obélix. Good night Astérix. snoring Gather! Romans! Oh, Romans against my solitary self! Forward! Hush! Do not make noise!! You'll wake Astérix up! Machiavellian laughter In a triangle! A heart! A square! A spade! A clover! Now fly Hé hé hé hé, do not bother poor mortal. We are ghosts, fantomes. Haunting this cursed battlefield. where we were massacred by the madness of men. And we venge ourselves killing with fear... those who dare stay the night here. Machiavellian laughter Are you finished? What is all this noise? Do not get mad Astérix. They are...the ghosts... that were massacred by mad men... when returning to... uh.. I don't know where and No, no, no, no, that is not true at all. Allow me, we are the ghosts that... Your story is of no interest to me! Do you know what time it is? yes, well... no. But listen... It's YOU that must listen! We have ran, have had spears thrown to us... We fought, we confronted priestesses... magicians, cooks, beasts, officials, crocodiles, with grandpas! But we have not slept! So if you want to come back, come back tomorrow! Come Obélix... I am sorry, excuse me but... Obélix COME! But listen, we are the ghosts... SILENCE!!! Stand! You are expected. Huh...Where are we? You are in Rome. Before you the palace of Julius Caesar. Julius Caesar awaits you. Some things that happen I do not understand... or the Romans build awfully fast! Oh, how important! Lead soldier! Take us to your master! Here you are in Rome, Gauls As you wish Jules. Caius Pupus reported to me of your trip. Yes, oh Caesar. They have completed all the tasks. passed all the obstacles, succeeded in all tests. It is undeniable, Gauls, the gods favour you. But your luck end here, because it is unthinkable that you will become rulers of Rome. The Colosseum will be your final test. You will be massacred there with all the inhabitants of your village! Ah! Here we are, kids! So this is Rome... Frankly, I'm a little disappointed. I believe the time is right to some something. Agecanonix! Ave, Caesar! The Gauls request hearing The little! They're here! Look at them! They are all here...Idéfix! Silence Gauls! Do you know who you are? Silence, Silence! I said! SILENCE! You'll be all lost for the amusement of my people. And nothing, nothing will shade my glory! Go! That reminds me of Lutèce, Just to the side of Lutèce is a small hostel... where they serve you one of those wild boar stew! I do not know what they put in them but... Oh! I know a tavern in Tripolis where they have, for two sestertius... oysters, a Roast goose... Look, Look, It is that one? That is the retiarius' cell, that is the murmillo's cell... That (laughs) is the cell for the grosse Fulgur. And what is done here? This is the lions' cell... Oh, let me do it, I'll give you a hand. Have you already been to Condate? They have a wine that tastes like pierre à catapulte! -Hmmm! "It's Toutatis in velvet breeches, if I may say. César has just arrived. What's this he has as world! Come children! It is ready! That's the magic potion. But me, I'm not allowed. The owner of the car parked in front of the baths... is ask to be at the entrance of the colloseum immediately. So you have followed my instructions? Yes Caesar. To begin, those unfortunate Gauls must fight our most fiercest Gladiators. Then, for the survivor, if ther is one, we will unleash the beasts! The lions, the tigers, the panthers, the bears and even elephants! Ha ha, it going to be a nice image, the audience will be excited. Great, great. Let the gladiators enter! Ave Caesar! Get ready kids I think that' us. Ok. I will go first and you all follow me. In order, I plead you! There are people there that will watch us so, a little bit dignity please! And why will you go first? Because I'm the chef! That's why I'm going first! Oh yeah, but we are the ones who did all the work, right Astérix? For that very reason! Let others have some fun too! That's true! It's alwasy the same people who laugh.

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Duration: 9 minutes and 53 seconds
Country: France
Language: French (France)
Genre: Animated
Producer: Georges Dargaud, René Goscinny, and Albert Uderzo
Director: René Goscinny, Henri Gruel, Albert Uderzo, and Pierre Watrin
Views: 195
Posted by: aeh5573 on May 1, 2010

The Twelve Tasks of Asterix- Part 7 This is the seventh part of twelve tasks that Julius Caesar assigns to Asterix. If Asterix manages to accomplish all twelve of these tasks, Julius Caesar will hand the Roman empire over to Gaul, if not they must surrender.

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