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Z Argentum Trailer

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Cash payments or installments. You can't buy a refrigerator that isn't from ours. Walk life with the march of the winners. I know that your problems can't wait, in my party we are working to make change start to happen now. The resigned believes that histoy is something that's imposed from the outside and that's going to dominate him. And the one who doesen't resign is someone that still believes stubbornly, obstinately, that he can still transform history. That he can do something on a daily basis to transform a history that we like in the form of the suffering, of submission, of debt, hunger, deprivation... I ran into my great friend, the political analyst John Illexplainitoya and I told him: -John, how is it possible that in order to enter the first world we have to have closed plants, laid off workers, destroyed hospitals, prisoners in chains, trains that frighten you, childrens in the streets asking for handouts, illiterates in bunches... doesen't this look like a little bit too much as an admission fee? -Look Tato, he said to me, -The first wolrd has very precise and clear rules. And the rules say that those who call the shots are the owners of the money. And the owners of the money only care about making more money. The avant-garde always works from outside the reality. The man on the avant-garde, is in the outside because he feels he is superior to the mass. The mass doesen't know the secret scheme of history. As a man, husband and citizen... have responsabilities. And it is not only your family or your bussiness...'s the country! You were born to be an employee, you will die as an employee! You... you behind the TV. I'm sure that you are watching back there . Do you believe that the "Big business" run themselves by their own? No! The thing got bigger, curruption on a great scale isn't simple. You have to arrange it, organize it, manage it. The mainstream media in Argentina handles a great part of your free-time of your wishes, your willingness to consume, your political sympathies, and the worst thing is: of your your freedom. Oh No. This guy wants to awake me. He wants to change my life. I'm... I'm comfortable this way. I watch what I'm supossed to watch, I do what I'm supossed to do. I eat what I'm supossed to eat. I dress up the way I'm supossed to dress up. The only way we can fight all this shit. All this horror... of putting health and the healing of the human beings under the laws of the market and those who have money will heal and those who don't have it will die! In cities that call themselves civilized, this is really the last staw. It's aberration. But it's not the human being the mayority of it that does it, it's the bastards and the bitches who are blinded by power. Us from the grass roots have to set the example. Every fucking day, since they don't. Argentum Premiere 11/11/11

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Country: Argentina
Language: Spanish (Spain)
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Posted by: ovie on Feb 3, 2011

Trailer del proyecto Argentum.

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