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Speaker Jonathan Harris

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[Applause and Music] Jonathan Harris. Artist. So, despite all the things that divide us all the differences in our world there's one thing that we all share, which is that we all feel something. You know, whether you're a billionaire or a refugee or a prisoner or a president you have something that make you happy something that makes you sad, and that's just true. And with that in mind, I made a project called We Feel Fine which is a website that harvests human feelings from the internet every few minutes from people's blogs. And We Feel Fine collects around twenty thousand feelings per day and has been running for nearly three years now having found more than ten million feelings in all. That's a lot of feelings, and this is what those feelings look like: So all those colored dots represent a real person's feelings stated on the internet in the last few hours. The brighter ones are happier people and the darker ones are more sad people. Inside each dot is a sentence and here's what people are feeling right now: I feel so much better lately/I feel nothing/I feel like a hack I feel like giving up, honestly I feel by the time I give birth I'm going to be lugging around basketballs I feel a great disturbance in the force I feel I can be doing more And these just go on and on. And sometimes, when people are talking about their feelings they also post photographs to their blogs. And when that happens We Feel Fine automatically creates a "montage composition", combining the photograph with its corresponding sentence. And here's some of my favorites: If we could go back. I feel so much of my dad alive in me that there isn't even room for me. I feel like Andrew has abandoned me. I understand how it feels to be rejected. I know about feeling alone. I just want to feel alive for the first time in my life. I remember feeling alive. I cried in my pillow that night for hours feeling angry, disappointed and frustrated knowing I would never get to see my father again. I feel loved. I feel pretty. I need to be in some backwoods redneck town so I can feel beautiful. I started to feel like I wanted an abortion and that's definitely definitely, definitely not me I feel so happy. Man, this had better last. I feel so sexy. I feel these weirdos are actually an asset to college life. I feel like I'm in the center of that light circle. I love how I feel today. So as you can see We Feel Fine collects human feelings but what it really collects are human stories. And, you know, I believe in stories I think stories are the glue that holds the world together and when we stop telling stories that's when we tear ourselves apart. So talk to your friends, talk to your neighbors even talk to your enemies. Ask them what's in their mind what's in their heart. And if we can do that just a little bit each day I think we'll be just fine. Thanks very much.

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Posted by: pangea on May 14, 2008

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