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A Marshmallow Doesn't Have A Backbone

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They're ten million people in this city But I can't see a single one. I can't even see myself. Was it stolen ? Or was I careless ? I tried to behave as normal as possible but I was a ghost. I did all the things that ghosts do I got up and got dressed in the morning I wandered around the city, trying to look alive but I was a paper doll waiting to be cut-out. His name was Jack. Will the air that I take into my body this morning and exhale go out and begin to search for me ? Will the same air find me again this afternoon and reassure me ? Will it tell me a joke ? (Phone ringing) Hello ? I think I found it. Can you tell me what it's like ? Alright what do Winnie-the-Pooh and Henry the Eight have in common ? Their middle names. No, that's.. that's not it. and exhale But thanks for calling. Maybe I never had it to start with. Maybe it was just a feeling I had just for a moment. and I stretched it out over a decade like a piece of elastic. What does it sound like ? Will I remember it's voice ? Or will I have to be reminded ? Like the weight of the water I carry in my pocket the thickness of the mountain. I began to look forward to his calls. I know it was there because I can feel it's absence Here kitty kitty kitty kitty. Here Kitty, kitty, kitty. (phone ringing) Here kitty kitty kitty. (phone ringing) Jack... is that you ? Yep, that's me. Did you..find it ? you're walking down the street and your canoe tips over... what is a mouse ? So you're walking down the street and your canoe tips over what is a mouse ? I don't know Jack, what is a mouse ? A marshmallow doesn't have a backbone. A marshmallow doesn't have a backbone ? What is that ? That's not a joke. That's some abstract Dadaist crazy-talk. (Laughing). (Giggling). Well... you're getting warmer. Just keep looking. Alright will do bye I just kept searching all the places I might have left it. (cat meowing) And he kept calling. "Did you hear about the two peanuts walking down the street ?" "One got assaulted". Not bad. MUSIC: "Yes, last night I slept in the open".. Jane, this is Jack where are you ? MUSIC: "I don't want to go, I don't want to go, I don't want to go back into the city". I know I thought I had it last time but this is it. I've got it. So, umm...I won't let you down. I'm going to go ahead to the bookstore tomorrow. Tomorrow afternoon The bookstore on Sunset. Tomorrow. I counted on it's permanence. It's complacency. I counted on it's permanence. It's fairness. It's laziness. I thought it would never leave. I thought we were a team. But I didn't listen carefully. I didn't rub it's belly. I didn't pay it's bill. I no longer have the memory of this thing that I've lost. Now it is the ghost walking beside me. We share an apple a section of the newspaper a dime. I did what he asked me to do. Was his hand in mine ? Did anyone see us walking hand-in-hand ? What do a cowboy boot and a banana have in common ? So you're walking down the street and your canoe tips over... what is a mouse ?

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Duration: 12 minutes and 52 seconds
Language: English
License: Dotsub - Standard License
Genre: None
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Posted by: alexreiter on Apr 28, 2017

A short film about a woman who loses her sense of humor the way one would lose their keys, and the guy who finds it for her.
Story by Terri Phillips and Alex Reiter
Written by Terri Phillips
Directed, Shot and Edited by Alex Reiter
Produced by Terri Phillips and Alex Reiter

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