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Who is ICANN? - Oksana Prykhodko | 10 Jun 11

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I'm Oksana Prykhodko. I'm from Ukraine, and I am a Director of a non-governmental organization, European Media Platform.

This organization was organized only one a half years ago and the main purpose or the main mission of this organization is to implement, to help, in practice, to implement European standards in media and the information sphere.

ICANN is a ruler of Internet and you have to understand the principles of Internet governance. And unfortunately the scene of Internet governance is uncovered.

In Ukraine, Ukrainian journalists do not like to write to show Internet governance issues and, it seems to me, the main reason is the lack of understanding of importance of such issues. And as a journalist, as a media expert, I would like to improve this situation.

It's great, it's wonderful, it's a little crazy. I hope I can overcome all difficulties with a lot of meetings, a lot of contacts, and I can manage all information and all contacts. And I hope it would be very useful. And thank you very much for inviting me as a fellow.

We had a lot of contacts with Russian friends from ccTLD .ru endress, and they helped a lot of us, again, to understand, to compare, to put again the right questions, because they completed the whole process of receiving an IDN ccTLD and we only began this process.

Unfortunately, because all other issues left behind my attention, I am very interested in Internet censorship, in intellectual property rights, in GAC functioning, and I have no time at all to follow all these issues.

Before, I thought that it's impossible to spend the whole week. I can imagine the level of pressure and activities and so on. But the organization was so excellent that we really could work from 5, from 6, 7 o'clock until maybe the late of night and be in a very good form and be active, and receive a lot.

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Posted by: icann on May 29, 2013

Who is ICANN? - Oksana Prykhodko | 10 Jun 11

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