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Welcome to the 15th day of the month of Leo We are here in the land of Galilee in northern Israel I hope you can see what's going on here This magical beauty And we've decided to travel to Galilee The place of Kabbalists, Shimon Bar Yochai, Rabbi Isaac Luria, Rav Berg and many others that lived and revealed their insights To the coming generations and obviously for us And today is a very special occasion We are exactly in the fifteenth day of the month of Leo Tu B'Av, The day of love And those who have been longer in the centre Know that the first 10 days of the month of Leo Is considered to be negative A time of judgement, a time of a lot of negativity There is potential, obviously the light is great but too, due to the actions of people in the past This negative energy was established But we were talking about the full moon Of the month of Leo the energy is completely different And we know for instance on this day A lot of people travel to the burial site of of Rabbi Yonathan Uziel You are going to see pictures from there as well Rabbi Yonathan Uziel lived 2000 years ago He was a student of great Hillel the Sage That was the greatest of his students It says that he was so connected, with such affinity With the life force of the Creator That when he was studying, if there were birds Flying above him they would burn, they were cooked Like a grilled chicken falling from the sky But what it really meant was That his light was tremendous He promised to the people who were coming On this day of love to his burial site That they will find their soulmate They will find their love Now when we talk about love what is love really Why is this day connecting us with love What is so special about the full moon There are a lot of questions to ask But the main answer as is usual in Kabbalah is very simple We know that every month, every day, every year carries certain very specific gifts The month of Leo, the month that is influenced by the sun As the Zohar is explaining The Sun, it represents the energy of "Zeir Anpin" The six Sephirot, the six spiritual channels For the life force of the Creator The light of mercy that flows Towards our world, the world of action Is bringing this energy of love Now there are two things that today I would like to share with you First of all what we can gain on this day And second we will read something from Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai about love And this may be the gift And the connection that we would like to carry with us Through the year because The connection of today will provide us With very special gifts that will be able to help us All this year until the next 15th of Leo The first idea, it says in the Talmud actually About this kind of weird custom when Un married ladies, girls in the time of the second temple Used to go and dance in their white clothes In the vineyards of Jerusalem, in Galilee And it was kind of a matching situation as well Well young men used to come And pick themselves one of these girls that they would like But Kabbalists explain to us that this is just a code Because what these white clothes are all about It says the reason why they were wearing white clothes because there would be poor or rich girls From different social classes They would all be the same, all coming from the same place These white clothes But the lesson is much deeper This very nice idea, a very beautiful idea Of human dignity and sharing The deep secret is, that we know That the white clothes are the secret of our souls That we can connect with on this particular day We know that we are all going through the process of correction of work on ourselves of improving ourselves And we know that we need special support From time to time When we can connect not something new really But if you study Ten Luminous Emanations in the centre you will know that actually we are coming originally before the “Tzimtzum” (the Big Bang) From the perfect place When the light and the vessel were together And as well the Time in which all this world will be corrected is already in existence It's called the righteous within us This state, this position is actually already there Its actually waiting for us and the only thing we should do is simply eliminate the space And get there through our proactive work But according to the Kabbalists we don't need To wait until this moment will come Basically at any moment we can tap into this state Specifically when we're standing in front of people When we need to share with people When we need to support people When we need to give love to people Sometimes we feel empty we feel depressed We feel down in Energy I hope you know what were talking about It happens to me many times So what do we do? My teacher, Rav Berg also Karen Berg Many years, many times used to tell us You know guys when you go from door to door Looking for people interested in Kabbalah That if you're in your lowest place You're standing in front of one human being And we have to share with this person Connect to your corrected itself Connect to these white clothes Each and every one of us have without connection Where we are in the process of correction And it will be there If the purpose is sharing If the purpose is love If the purpose is to give support and help to another person We will definitely be able To connect to this potential and this is The secret of this day, this day The 15th of Av is also called little Yom Kippur Exactly like on the 10th day of the month of Libra We are connecting to this tremendous light of Chochma That cleanses all our negativity On the month of Leo, on the full moon Actually having the same energy just on one condition We need to connect and express two things To connect our potential, to this perfectly Even if I don't understand what it means really Even if I don't imagine that I can fix What I consider is unfixable This is one and in order to accomplish it I will need to prepare to love within me I'd like to share with you two small portions from the Zohar Something that Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai is sharing with us This is in the prologue Of the first volume, where it is now in English It is actually verse 200 and 201 I will read in Aramaic first To make a connection Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai obviously would like this amazing place This Energy that we can feel here Just to remind everybody it says That in Galilee, the energy centre of air Just by walking, breathing Automically its elevating your consciousness And your spiritual level And so I'm reading versus 200 and 201 And obviously you're more than welcome to take the Zohar And read the entire section [..... in Aramaic ...] This says why we have learned That the love of the Holy One Blessed Be He Is explained in two ways He who loves him because he's rich His length of life, his children around him He rules his enemies And he succeeds in his ventures Because of all these, he loves him But if it were the opposite If the holy one, blessed be He Were to turn the wheel of Fortune Against him and replace this with harsh judgement He would then hate him and not love him at all Therefore this love is not a love that has a base 201 [....Aramaic....] The love is called, how is the love That is included from both sides From both Judgement, Chesed and success He Should love the Holy One, Blessed Be He as we have learned, even if he were to take away our soul This is the perfect love that includes both aspects Chesed and Judgement The Mercy and the Judgement And because of this the light of the acts of the Creation Was revealed and then hidden When it was hidden, harsh judgement came forth And both aspects, Kindness and Judgement Became united and reached perfection This is proper love Obviously, the Zohar continues But what is our point, what is so special about today Love is not just when it's comfortable It's great that we're successful, it's amazing There is no contradiction, but we have to remember That life sometimes presents us with challenges With uncomforabilities, with sometimes even abuse suffering or pain but this is what it's all about It's about perseverance on our spiritual work and path Because even if it's dark and difficult The light force is there And this is why we have to waken our love It does matter what happens I wish you an amazing day of love Chag Sameach everybody All the best

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