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Global Impact Competition Italia 2016 - Approfondimento

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We are launching a crowd funding campaign for the and we want your support. The funds collected from the campaign will be allocated to finance a scholarship for an Italian person, to participate at the summer program of the Singularity University. The candidate will be chosen based on a concourse open all Italians, that will last for one month, it will start at the end of January. We expect the participation of hundreds, or maybe thousands people, with their ideas, their passion, and project. A jury of sponsor, and experts, and ex-students chosen between the supporter of the campaign, will select the worthy person. A man or a woman whose life will be change by this experience. The Singularity University, located in the NASA Research Park in California (financed by Google and other high technology industries) that study exponential technologies. How the technology acceleration can tangibly change our life, And improve the condition of people all around the world. The ideas, the technologies that are studied Allow team of fans (that meet up for 10 weeks, from June to august) To make start up if they want, To keep working and create a big positive impact. Through the help of Axelera, A non-profit association funded by ex-students And supporters of Singularity University. The Global Impact Competition Italy has already been organized for three times: In the 2012, 2013, 2014 And it has really brought people to California With great success and big enthusiasm. Now we want to organize under the control of the Chapter of Milan, SingularityU Milan of Singularity University,

The new competition for the 2016. We collect funds that cover the food, the accommodation and the teachers For the 10 weeks from June to September, The costs of transfer are separate: The flight from Italy to California. The Global Impact Competition it's organized worldwide In more than a dozen of countries This year maybe even two dozen And each countries choose the best person Who will participate at the class of Singularity University. Also in Italy we want to choose an enthusiastic person, With great ideas, and with the desire to use the exponential technologies To change the globe in a positive direction, To influence in the best way people life. Build a future together and also improve Italy through the force of his/her ideas. Thanks for your support, and for your help, to make the Global Impact Competition Italy 2016 a success.

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Duration: 4 minutes and 21 seconds
Year: 2015
Country: Italy
Language: Italian
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Posted by: davidorban on Dec 21, 2015

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