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5 Dysfunctions of a Team: Avoidance of Accountability by Juan Porto

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Welcome to LEAD Weekly. Welcome to LEAD Weekly. Practical tips to help you grow as a leader. We have been exploring the five dysfunctions of a team and today you will hear from Juan Porto, Site Director in Monterrey. He will share with us about the avoidance of accountability. Avoidance of accountability within the five dysfunctions of a team is an element that is not easy to deal with. We normally think that avoidance of accountability is not being accountable to my superiors. But when we talk about a team, it's about the accountability we have with our teammates. An experience that I had in the past was when a person within our team was lying. It was very interesting to see how that person did when confronted and was told that here at Back2Back we don't lie to each other. The lie is not well seen. So accountability has to do with the behavior or performance of a team member. And it is very healthy when that happens between one member of the team and another. Most of the time this happens vertically, when in fact this must happen horizontally. So that we avoid that the equipment enters more complicated situations and fails. How we overcome this dysfunction. The way to overcome dysfunction means embracing conflict. True? Maybe we have to build this foundation of trust and be willing to embrace conflict and not be afraid to address it. Another way to solve them is that we should not see these things as personal when someone gives me feedback or calls me to account who is one of my peers I have to receive it as something good for me don't take it personally One of the tips that I could tell you that would be very useful in order to address this situation is surely for many of us by our experiences conflict is a painful thing we usually learned that relationships or situations they ended up hurt or broken when dealing with conflict because of our past experiences. But we do see this as a wound. So every time we embrace conflict and we are willing to call a colleague to account and we embrace this process. We are taking steps in the direction of action to heal this wound and be restored. Thank you very much and I hope you are willing to be accountable to each other always as a team.

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