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UKIP Godfrey Bloom MEP - The disastrous Euro March 2011

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Godfrey Bloom MEP; Strasbourg 9 March 2011 Godfrey Bloom, two minutes. Mr. President, I've been here six and a half years and my goodness me I've heard some nosnsense. But I haven't heard so much nonsense spoken as I've heard today. Many years ago I used to lecture on this subject at Cambridge University. And I would suggest that you would do well to read some of my old lecture notes. None of you, it appears, seems to understand the concept of international money. Herr Brock, who hasn't come of the phone actually since he came in, only to listen to himself, rather interestingly started off this debate by suggesting it was a great success the Euro. One wonders what planet Herr Brock lives on. Dear, oh dear! It's a complete disaster! If he thinks it's such a success I would argue he speaks to the millions of unemployed people, youngsters mainly, in the Iberian peninsula, southern Italy and the rest of Europe who are suffering from this disgraceful, fraudulent and deceitful currency, which was crammed down the throats of the people of Europe against their will. There is no mandate Mr. Duff. There is no mandate with your blue card hanging up there, let me tell you. There is no mandate for this. The British people haven't been given a vote on this whole shabang of European Union, neither has anybody else. There's only one way. There's only one way and if you understood international money to any degree, you would understand that the only way it can survive, this ridiculous currency, across many many different economies, against a whole background of failed ideals, and that is for a financial, central, statist, fiscal policy. And if you think you have a mandate for that, you are a disgrace and a scoundrel. Mr. Duff has a question for you Mr. Bloom. Mr. Bloom, would you answer Mr. Duff's question? I'd be most delighted. To ask Mr. Bloom just how his diatribe was received at Cambridge. I cannot imagine an economics class tolerating such fatuous and intemperate nonsense. I'd also like to ask him: does he not find that there is unemployment in the United Kingdom? Does he not know of the excessive deficit position of the UK? Does he not care that inflation in Britain is greater than it is in the eurozone? And that the sterling is a fragile currency? I have to say, Mr. Duff, at the time, in the mid-1990s, some of the class greeted my views with some scepticism. I still now go back to the occassional reunion dinner and most of them come up to me and say: my God Goddish you were right. And my God I was right in spades, wasn't I? :: ::

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Posted by: mmister on Mar 30, 2011

UK Independence MEP Godfrey Bloom tries to convince Lib Dem MEP about the disastrous Euro currency

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