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What are your thoughts on Smoking Marijuana? Sadhguru

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What are your thoughts on that? See whatever this marijuana and other psychedelic drugs and other things the very reason people are going for it is they want their life experience to be little more than what it is just going to office and coming home and doing that that is the idea, experience hunting isn't it? yes, all drugs are fundamentally experience hunting. Now marijuana is a milder form of it, but definitely slowly over a period of time it will make you more and more incapable of handling life situations it will dull the system, it will give you just the buzz where you think you are meditative. You are not meditative, it is just giving you a feeling like that where because marijuana as a chemical works to create a certain amount of distance between you and your body. It just creates a kind of one layer of distance which is close to meditation in terms of experience, but what meditation can do in terms of the impact that it has on the system marijuana does not do and above all meditation will enable you in a huge way. Marijuana slowly makes you incapable of handling many things. So initially it looks like people who are on marijuana were peaceful and nice people but after some time when it goes on for a certain period of time slowly they are the same people who can get agitated and irritated with every little thing because it takes away the mental capability because they cannot figure out from one to another. So you cannot count up to 16. This incapability makes you very irritated and agitated over a period of time when you are not able to handle anything properly. So if you are an exclusive group by yourself that you do not value doing anything properly, you know, you dont mind somehow living. It looks like it is all fine but when life demands something out of you, you will see you will be totally incapable because marijuana brings this incapability

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 17, 2010 A seeker asks Sadhguru about his thoughts on smoking marijuana. Sadhguru presents some excellent insight into the reasons people smoke and a good alternative to smoking. (SaO69)

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