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[rocket boom] [♪ Rocketboom opening theme music ♪] This is Ian. He did the Chuck Norris Facts. >>Hi Ian! >>Hi, how are you? So can you tell us a little about what Chuck Norris is exactly? Okay, well Chuck Norris is an actor. Chuck Norris Facts are these kind of like little one-liners that got started on my website. They're just kind of like. . . Chuck Norris does not sleep. He waits. They're kind of hard to describe because they're short and they kind of get you from where you're not expecting. It's very ineffable. But I mean, just to give you an example, The chief export of Chuck Norris is pain. Or, one of my favorites for a long time has been Chuck Norris is currently being sued by NBC claiming that Law and Order are the trademark names of his left and right legs. They're kind of just like out there, funny little things. And they're apparently highly addictive to the Internet consuming public. What are you doing with Chuck Norris facts right now? Right now, well, so we had the website, and the website spawned a book. The book came out in November. We kind of got sued for the book in December, and right now we're kind of handling that. So we're kind of just staying a little low. Chuck Norris once had a heart attack; his heart lost. When you say "We're handling it", do you have a team of people who are helping you out? Well, lawyers, yeah. They get paid a lot of money and they tell me not to talk about it. So, I don't know how much we can go further down this road. The last digit of pi is Chuck Norris. He is the end of all things. Is it just yourself that started the website, like you only? Well, so, the whole thing got started with these Vin Diesel facts. And that's something I started myself and then we put up a poll a couple months in asking who the next fact generator should be about. And there were about 12 options, and then there was a write in, and more people voted Chuck Norris than voted for any of the 12. How do you think the Chuck Norris write in started? How did it start? I mean, there were just little options, and they were just kind of people who were in pop-culture at the time. So this is like when Snakes on a Plane was big, so we had Samuel L. Jackson. And this is when Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan were all, you know, doing their thing. So, there were a lot of those types of people. So Chuck Norris was really kind of out of left field, and so I was a little confused because I wasn't really a fan of his work--I wasn't familiar with his work. But, you know, if that's what people wanted. I did very little advertising. I got--I posted a link on Something Awful (, and I told maybe like four friends on AIM. Chuck Norris eats the core of an apple first. And that was it. It didn't get really big until someone linked to our top 30 facts on So College Humor ( kind of helped you out, and then from there, who approached you for the book deal? About this time two years ago, I had a couple publishers approach me. We had turned them down, and then into the summer I was approached by an agent at William Morris Agency, which is, you know, a very big name. And I thought, "Wow, well if they're confident someone can do this book, then maybe I'll reconsider." And then I put it all together like in one night in November of 2006. And it got done! [♪ Pop music playing ♪]

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