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incrementa tu senal wifi

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Hello im mark garrison and you're watching infinite solutions if you are out in your laptop and you need an unprotected wireless signal I'm going to show you how to increase the range of you're 802.11g card to increase the probability that you'll find one what you'll need is a WiFi enabled computer, a celular telephone, ethernet cable and bear with me, aluminum foil and a salad bowl Most wireless router only transmit a couple of hundred feet, or less depending on the interference. The truth is, the latency of this signals travels much farther on the momentum of other networks and radio interference your WiFi card doesn't know to extrapolate the router signal from the carrier waves your cellphone however, does the search for network pings no matter how far it is form the source's signal origin. so we gotta trick your computer, to act like a cellphone. coil the ethernet cable around your phone, the tighter the coiling the better the signal will carry now at some point, around 20 feet or so , there's diminishing return on the amplification, so don't go buying a 100 foot ethernet cable to make a beehive out of your cellphone now plug the free end of the ethernet cable onto your computer, if you have a 3g network phone, you may already be done view your network and Internet connections, if some garbled name that vaguely resembles your cellphone shows up, you are using it as a secondary antenna if not don't worry, your computer might be utilizing it without disclosing most cellphone's firmware are not designed to self id go back and check the wireless network availability before connecting my phone we had access to 6 networks, now there are 14. to extend your range even further, you can try this: cover the inside of a salad bowl with aluminum foil, now suspend the cable wrapped phone over the enter of the bowl resemble anything? yep we made a satellite dish, of sorts it wont give you satellite phone service but it will help you boost the reception of your cellphone by around 2 signal bars but go back and check the network settings on the computer 18 a modest increase. probaly not worth this arts and crafts endeavor but it was an interesting demo all these new networks might still be protected, but i hope you enjoyed learning about the ethernet induction capabilities of digital cell networks here on infinite solutions , with me mark garrison

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Posted by: saintofhope on May 27, 2011

como incrementar tu senal de wifi con cosas que encuentras en tu casa

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