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[ENG SUB] V APP Run BTS! ep 6

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Run! BTS A small church located in a village Many people go to this church, in hopes of washing away their sins After hearing all the rumors, the members of Bangtan secretly went to the church Hello JM: Yes hello I will start immediately You know Jung Hoseok? JM: Can you tell me what your reason for coming here today is? I came here to confess my sins [Name: V (Kim Taehyung) Characteristics: 1) Came to reveal the secrets of the members, on the pretense of confessing his sins. 2) Does whatever he wants with his handsome face (Ridiculous runny noes) JM: You may now tell me the story of your sin, so that you may be forgiven V: In our group, there is a member named Jung Ho Seok. Jung hoseok, Jimin, and I share a room together. This happened just yesterday. Hoseokie hyung- JM: Yes V: Jung Hoseok, after showering... V: In... that way... V: In that... egg condition... V: After I saw Hyung's... JM: I do not possess the skill set for dealing with sins associated with nudity JM: So, I will listen to your next sin [Hopi hyung.. I will protect you... by Jimin] (V: I understand) JM: Yes, I will pretend I did not hear that. JM: I am sorry V: I understand (JM: Yes) V: I have another sin JM: Yes, tell me your sin V: I forgot, one moment JM: Take your time and tell me when you remember JM: You jerk V: Jimin- I'll start with Park Jimin V: That person, when you see on TV is a very clean person, washes often, practices very hard, and on stage is the "perfect man" JM: Yes that's right V: But when you see him off stage... JM: Yes? V: He has his stuff all over the place! JM: Ah... V: He doesn't clean at all! JM: I'm sorry V: Really, when I saw the mess I got mad at him. I said, "Clean up a little! Wow you're a really messy person." V: But then, that person replied with "Hey, then where do I put all this? Where can I put all this?! JM: Oh really...? V: Responding like that shows us that he has a bad personality JM: What is the sin that you are confessing? V: I sinned by telling Jimin this. V: I should've kept in my anger, and accepted that that's just who Jimin is. JM: Then I guess, your problem is your mouth? V: Oh! Jimin...? JM: Ah! no I'm not. That's not me JM: I think your mouth is the issue, so I will try to forgive your mouth. V: How? JM: Yes, close your eyes and come closer. V: Like this? JM: No- you have to close your eyes JM: Come closer(x2) JM: Please stand up, and come closer JM: A little more, more, more You jerk V: I understand JM: Good work JM: Live safe- JM: Yes, Live safely~ Or else you could die one day V: See you at home~ JM: Is Jungkookie not coming?(x2) Ahh Priest! Did you eat something bad? You're hair is red! JM: I'm sorry You must've been a rebelious kid [Name: Jungkook (Jeon Jungkook) Characteristics: 1) Came to the church with a big heart, actually hoping to find forgiveness. 2) A man who receives a lot of love from priest Jimin. (A love full of tears) JM: For what reason have you come to me today? You cutie~ JK: Do you know Bangtansonyeondan by any chance? JM: Ahh.. I think I've heard of them- JK: Say that you don't know them JM: ...I don't know them JK: Ah yes I am that groups oldest! JM: Oh really? JK: Yes (JM: Yes...) JK: There is also a maknae in our group JM: There is a maknae? JK: Yes, his name is Jin. JK: This friend has very broad shoulders... and is very handsome JM: Handsome... yes JK: and this friend really hates using the razor JK: and there was a time.. when I... secretly used it JM: Ah...can you clarify for me one more time, what is the sin that you have committed? JK: I secretly used his razor JM: You secretly used his razor? (JK: Yes) JM: Ah but honestly... did you know that you are very handsome? (JK: I didn't know) JM: The idea of being "handsome", it... it means that you were given everything from our heavenly father before birth. JK: yes... JM: It means that you have been blessed by heaven. JK: Ah yes.. JM: Which also means that you are forgiven for most things. JM: But since you did do something wrong, I will help you clean yourself of that sin JM: Please come out to the side JM: Please come out here JK: Here? JM: Yes, come out here JM: Yes, come closer JK: Yes JM: Give me a hug JM: It's ok, It's ok. You're ok. JM: Good work JM: Please go home safely JK: Ah yes thank you JM: You have been forgiven! JK: Thank you! JM: Farewell... farewell cutie~ JM: Such a cutie Hello I sometimes have extreme mood swings, and I hope you can be understanding towards that when listening to my story [Name: J-Hope (Jung Hoseok) Characteristics: 1) For the sake of having fun, he has taken on the concept of a man with mood swings. 2) He is very committed to his acting.. could be slightly terrifying... JH: I have a friend named Jimin (JM: Yes, Jimin) JH: Towards him... I have a very special affection towards him JH: For some reason... whenever I see him... I always want to hit him JM: Without any reason, you just want to hit this child? JH: This friend has... very sturdy muscles and soft skin JM: yes... JH: and the feeling I get when my fist comes in contact with it JH: The feeling is just so nice JM: Because it feels nice, you often hit this kid? JH: Yes JM: Jerk JH: I am so sorry towards him now JH: The feeling is just so nic JM: Your arms are the issue JM: If you do 50 push-ups, your arms will be forgiven JM: Please count out loud JH: Are you sure I'll be forgiven? JM: Yes definetly JM: Your sins are now forgiven JH: I did it all JM: Yes, you may sit down now JH: Whew I'm tired JH: Lastly, I have these 2 friends. I'd like to share some of their shortcomings. JM: Wait- why are you sharing their shortcomings with me JH: No- I want you to understand. I want you to understand! [J-hope continued his story and complained for a very long time] JH: Ha... Do you understand me? JM: Yes?? ah yes I do understand... JM: Let's go together JH: You understand me? JM: Yes let's go together. I think I need to go take care of this friend JH: Priest! You're a good priest! JM: Let us go friend. JH: Ah strong muscles...soft skin? JM: Ah no~ It's not me~ JM: I'm not that friend [V, Jungkook and J-Hope have successfully cleaned themselves of their sins and are said to be living happily]

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Confessions part 1

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