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Siete de Orfeón San Juan Bautista y CoDa21

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Who hasn’t heard, at least once, that “that” is a sin? A capital vice is one whose end is excessively desirable, so Man, in his desire, will commit many sins stemming from that vice as its source. Thus, a vice, a capital sin, is one towards which human nature is principally... inclined. When a sin can be the cause of other sins, we call it "capital." Not my definition; St. Thomas Aquinas. But then, how does human behavior work? How do our passions move us? The desires provoked, the emotions that move us? Why do we sin? The number VII has traditionally accompanied us as a perfect number. The seven Wonders of the World, the seven lives of a cat, the seven colors of the rainbow, the seven musical notes, the seven days of the week and even… the seven dwarves. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, then, that there are seven capital sins: Envy, Pride, Greed, Lust, Gluttony, Sloth, and Wrath. And they happen to have seven opposite virtues: Charity, Humility, Generosity, Chastity, Temperance, Diligence, and Patience. Don’t they sound nice? Yet we are most tempted to feel desire for that which is not ours, that green misery we feel when we cannot possess what others have. Because that is what it is all about! There is no Envy without possession. Without desire, domination, or possession there can be no Envy. We always, always desire what we do not have. For example, I have always wanted to be on a show surrounded by dancers and a choir of celestial voices. I got it. But they have not, no… Take her, for example; she is tired, she longs for rest. That one has a very boring life; she desires adventure. He experiences something new each day; he yearns for a routine. We always, always desire what we do not have. Sometimes I wonder what is worse, feeling Envy or spending our lives trying to provoke it? In any case… What can Envy do to us? Sew our eyes shut, so we may not derive pleasure from seeing others fall, as Dante says? Or have someone else’s jealousy turn us into stone? Your eye on gold! Your tooth in silver! The ring is mandatory, and may the diamond crack the glass ceiling. A life lived to amass Envy: macabre epitaph “Das Kapital.” “Das Kapital.” - Mine. — Mine. It came from above. Mine. - Mine. — From way above. - The idea… — Mine. The dictatorial idea (or Hades). Mine. - Control. — Ascend. It is I who is right. - Control. — Ascend. My arrogance is God. Does it matter if I have the knowledge or not? My Mercedes can force you on your knees. Glove, you may try to strangle me. But first, I want my selfie with Rockefeller's bones. Pride rules over you. Even when you try to fight it and humble your heart, how many times has it controlled you? But why should you be humble? Your Pride is not Pride, but an excess of love for yourself. Your love is so great, you recognize you are the best; a superior man against all others. Or, it could be that your humility blinds you in recognizing your potential; the reality of realities. Could it be the obsession with the mirror… the one that, confused as arrogance or Pride, will finally be your undoing? Steal. Rape. Rape. And alter... ...the secret... ...held by the bodies of Earth. The cornucopia of abundance congeals. Monsanto! Monsanto! The cornucopia of abundance congeals. Monsanto! Monsanto! The cornucopia of abundance congeals. Monsanto! Monsanto! Monsanto! Demon! Massacre under a microscope. Oh money, money, money! Great applause now, eh? Who was able to grab the most? Who wants some more? To have, and to have some more. Is that not the obsession? Greed. But to what end do you want all those bills? Do you even know? To give free rein to the rest of your desires. You! What would you use it for? Exactly, to give free rein to your desires. There is one desire I am partial to… Eating. Do you know what satisfying that desire is called? Very good, Gluttony, good. Yes, because one of those bills will not give you anything, but many will grant anything you desire. It is the same with ants: a single one cannot accomplish much, but together… touching one another, they can achieve anything. Do you know what I would do with all that money? Get love. Yes, but not self-love; I already have enough thanks to Pride. No, I would use it to buy the love of others; love by contact, almost becoming… Lust. Severe vigilance... ...up to confess. Prison happiness... ...the generative pleasure, body on body or alone. Alone. And so the appetites... And so the appetites… And so the appetites... their urgency they begin… their urgency they begin… … finding themselves cornered ill, until they burst out to disembowel without abstinence. Thus, we are rapists, pederasts, monstrous to the mirror of this anguish. Stained or impotent or ghosts. Ghosts… the porn-elegy of yet another [ industry ]. [ Industry ]. Inside the brain lies the guilt, wired on fat circuit. A starved soul in sole-age. There's juicy pulp on television. The wait stuns. A market for trauma. A market for trauma. Transgenic obesity with no papal bull. Excess putting on makeup while ensnared. “Never put off for tomorrow what you can do today.” “God helps those who rise early.” “The purpose of work is coming home to rest.” “There are no shortcuts to success.” “Idle youth, busy old age.” “He who works with love in his heart is ahead of those who don’t.” Definitely, the sin in which we fall into with the least effort, is Sloth. They say work dignifies, and that being diligent makes us better, but we are always tempted to procrastinate. Then, how long is it healthy to rest after a titanic effort? What is wrong with Sloth? Oh, right, excess. Excess. Work is virtue, but YOU do it. Begin by letting go of the act, pa-pa-parrot. Welfare... Welfare... Welfare... ...“est” the official witchcraft of poverty. Breadcrumbs on checkmate. - Funnel… — Electoral funnel... The royalty’s electoral funnel… ...paying us off to leave us here... ...turned off. Turned off. Turned off. Turned off. Turned off. Turned off. Turned off. Turned off. I see you in the eyes of mankind, utterly blinding patient reason. Passionately provoking the Seven Sins upon humanity is your purpose. If you, ferocious and scalding Wrath, take energy from my embrace, you hurt no life with your elbow strike, nor tempt those who lay eyes on you. But, if your fire lashes against me, while devouring my fragile soul, no sin tempts me now, for I have already fallen to the Seven. The threat of Hell swings the beautiful light of angel Lucifer… ...over a fog that rages in the muddled wine of the vengeful God and his long yesterday. God in the likeness... ...of that old sanguinary throne of quicksand, loyal to victory, irate and cruel to the dying. Three worlds later History is carved according to which fang tears what, upon the thin skin of memory. - Born to die. — Our greatness! Brought here to scream our first breath. Sun particles, exposed to nothingness, dust to dust. Admiration! Everything Human deserves admiration. - Hunger. Fear. Uncertainty. — Doubt. Risk. Darkness. As a game between lions, we bet on Life. - And from innards, heartbeat. — And from anguish, song. - And breads with cinnamon. — And houses with balconies. - And birds embroidered over the crib. — Now that we are time, - now that we are world, — how do you see us, Angel? Imperfect, created Humanity. You are sacred! Sacred! Sacred! Sacred! Sacred!

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