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The Excretory System

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Stop! Do you know which system of your body takes the extra liquid out of your body? Did you know that most of the food we eat, also contains a lot of liquid But you don't know which parts of your body throw extra liquid out. Imagine what would happen if all the liquid stayed trapped in your body! Ha, ha, ha! So, you think that a blast would occur in your tummy if your body didn't get rid of extra liquid? I does not happen like that! The body has certain parts which take care of extra liquid. All these parts are part of the Urinary System. This is also called the "Excretory System". Let's understand more! The main parts of the Urinary System include two KIDNEYS, URETERS and BLADDER and a URETHRA. The kidneys are two bean-shaped organs. All of the body's blood passes through it, and it filters the blood and waste liquid is changed into urine. The kidney is made of several small cells called "nephrones" They are like small filters They keep all the nutrients and good blood containt and convert waste into urine. From the kidney, this urine goes into two very thin tubes. These tubes are called "ureters". From the ureters it goes into a balloon-like organ called: the bladder. When the bladder becomes full, then you feel like going to the washroom to pee. From the bladder, it passes out of the body from a part called the "urethra". Oh! It seems your bladder is full too! Do you want to go to the washroom? Can you hold it in for some time? Do you know which muscle helps you to stop pee for some time? There is a muscle linning around the bladder called the "sphincter". It stops and holds the flow of urine until you reach the washroom. Okay, go empty your bladder now. Goodbye!

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A video about how the excretory system works in the human body.

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