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[rocket boom] [♪ Rocketboom opening theme music ♪] Show of hands. How many of you were adults when Tron hit in 1982? [Sound of crowd laughing] Yeah. By the standards of this audience, I am an old fart. I'm 47. I was 22 when Tron came out, and I was actually working as a mainframe systems programmer. In the mainframe world, that doesn't involve quite as much programming. That's actually the mainframe version of Sys Ad So when Tron came out, I saw it and thought, "Hey, neat! People are actually trying to show what goes on inside a computer!" [Sounds from 1982 film Tron] Propelled into the digital world of the computer itself. And, some of the things they got right. Some of the things they got wrong. Some of the things, I thought they got very laughably wrong. I mean, come on, programs fighting each other? Get real! [High pitched and explosion sounds from movie Tron] The initial reaction was along the lines of, "Ahh! Fat guy in spandex! You should have warned me!" And, there were a lot of people saying that they couldn't believe that I would do something like this. Didn't I obviously know that I looked like hell? And the positive attention was from folks who thought, "Hey, this is neat stuff." Our next guest has turned his love for the 1982 movie Tron into an outfit. And he's become very popular on the Internet for doing it. Here he is, Jay Maynard everybody! [Sounds of crowd cheering and clapping] [♪ Band playing drums and keyboard ♪] When I put that page up, I originally developed it to show the lady who helped me with a lot of the design aspects of the costume. Now, I live in Fairmont, Minnesota, so I couldn't just throw it in the car, and take it over and show her. And what I was thinking was, "Okay, maybe some other folks would like to see how I did this." I'm also leader of an open source project called Hercules, an IBM mainframe emulator that runs on Windows and Linux, and MAC OS 10. I'm a ham radio operator, and president of a couple of organizations involved with that. I'm a Professional Registered Parliamentarian, which grew out of my HAM radio work. And, let's see. . . [Question from the audienc] I was wondering if it was possible if we could kill all the lights to get the full effect? Someone hit the light switch. [Sounds of crowd cheering and clapping] [Sounds of crowd cheering and clapping] [Sounds from 1982 film Tron] Trapped inside an electronic arena, where love and escape do not compute. Journey across an electronic sea, on cycles made of light. [Theme music and explosion sounds from movie Tron] TRON [Sounds of crowd cheering and clapping] [Sounds of crowd cheering and clapping]

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Posted by: rocketboom on Apr 28, 2008

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