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How to Install ASP.NET and Tools

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[Microsoft] [] [Scoot Hanselman] Hi, I'm Scott Hanselman. Let's see how easy it is to install and the tools you'll need to start developing your own website today. What are the things you'll need for web development? The first is the application framework that you'll use to build your applications. These are all the libraries and functions that provide the base that your application will build on. This is The next element is the web server. This is the software that runs your application and delivers the HTML to the end user's browser. This is called IIS—the Internet information server. Next is the database. This is used to store all the information and data that your application will use. This is called SQL server. Finally, the development tools that you'll use to write, debug, test, and deploy your application. This is will be either Visual Studio or Web Matrix. Today we're going to show you how to get, IIS, SQL server, and Visual Studio all for free all at once with something called the Web Platform Installer. You'll get the Web Platform Installer and the whole web development stack by visiting the website and clicking on the downloads tab. Then click the big green "Install Now" button. I'll show you how. I'll start here on the website. I'll click on the downloads button. There's the big green "Install Now" button and there's the video that you're watching right now. I'll click on Install Now, and I'm prompted to run the Web Platform Installer. There will be a couple of dialogues that I'll click allow on to make sure that the Web Platform Installer has permission to do what it needs to do. Web Platform Installer needs to run as administrator so I'll say yes. It launches up saying it's going to install Visual Studio. It says 1 item is to be installed. I can click on that and it will actually give me a list of all the dependencies and things that it needs to download. I'll click install and then accept. It prompts me that I' going to be installing SQL Server. I can install it with Windows Integrated Authentication or mixed mode authentication and put in a password. I'll enter a password and click continue. Now it's going to download Visual Studio, SQL Server Express and all the things that I need to start developing web applications with I'll fast forward time here because it will take a few minutes to download everything. Now the download is complete and the installation will start. It's going to install the .NET framework,, Visual Studio, SQL Server, and everything that I need automatically. Get yourself a coffee and sit back. I'll fast forward time again. Looks like everything is installed. I'll click finish. Now I'll go to the start menu. I can see Visual Studio has installed itself. I can run it and start creating applications right away. Be sure to explore the rest of the website. There are lots of tutorials, videos, and information to get you the help that you need. Welcome to the community. [Microsoft] []

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Posted by: neudesicasp on Aug 26, 2013

Microsoft's Scott Hanselman shows you how to download and install ASP.NET and tools so you can start developing your web applications.

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