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♪ music playing ♪ >>Another thing that can contribute to the environment is your phone. If your phone is ringing off the hook, beeping with notifications or loudly giving directions that is all disturbing noise to your passengers. Again, if you want the rider to be comfortable, think about their perspective. You don't want your life to intrude upon their time in your car. If your phone is beeping every few minutes with text messages or emails, and your glancing over each time to look at who they're from, your rider will notice you're distracted from driving. While you might not actually be texting while driving, this distraction can cause the rider anxiety. If your rider is uncomfortable because they think you're not a safe driver you won't be getting a tip. Have your notifications on silent because you can always look at them later when you finish the ride or are taking a break. Even voice to text response will give the impression that you're not paying attention to the road. Also, riders remember when a driver takes a phone call during the middle of the trip. Even with a blue tooth device for hands-free safety, having a personal conversation on the phone with the rider in the car is annoying, and again it gives the impression that that you're not paying attention. Our advice is to never make or take a personal call when the rider is in the car with you. That blue tooth device, however, is great for your GPS. Your rider doesn't want to hear your phone tell you step by step directions, especially if they're chatting with a fellow rider or expecting some peace and quiet. Instead gets those instructions through your blue tooth device and your car will remain a pleasant environment for your riders. Having your phone with you is an obvious necessity, but how you choose to use it can make a difference in your tips. Again, choose a friendly environment and choose, what's that? A tip. ♪ music playing ♪

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