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We're going to learn the... what you're going to call "the disappearing or the disintegrating quarter trick" but that's only misdirection to get people's attention and focus on to the coin and away from the glass or the salt shaker or whatever you're going to use to put on top of it Remember, you're at a dinner table. You pick up whatever's handy. But it has to have a good shape to it. Okay? And a salt shaker is one of those things but ideally, I think a glass is best. That's what I like to use. Okay. Now, Let me tell you the keys to doing this trick, okay? The first key when you put this over is you're going to take the cocktail napkin that can be bent and folded and molded around the glass because what's going to happen is that that cocktail napkin is going to hold the shape of the glass long after the glass is gone Okay? Now, let me first just teach you the move the slight of hand involved in this, okay? You keep pulling the glass back to right over your lap right here at the edge of the table You keep showing it like this. You're looking at the coin that's not gone yet. You put it back. You're over here. You're back. And then, at one point, that glass is gone. Now, where it went, is into your lap right down here. Let me show you. Just bring the camera in nice and tight. The glass is folded up just like so It's holding the complete shape. When you pull back to right over here, at level of the table, watch. Boom! The glass is going to fall out into your lap You let it go. You don't move your hand at all. You let it go. You bring it back over the table Look at that. That is beautifully... The shape is beautifully held. Okay? So, that's the secret move. Now, let's go through the routine so that you could follow it and learn it step-by-step. A... You're going to tell people that you're going to cause that quarter to disintegrate You found a great new way to do it. And you're going to learn how to do it. You put the glass... You tell them that... So that they can get at it. I'm going to make it even harder for myself and put the glass over top But I don't really want you to see how this is done So I'm going to take the napkin fold it around the glass And you're going to say Don't worry, the coin is still there. Now, what you want to do is you want several times through this. You want to pull it back to exactly this position. You don't want to take it to over here. You don't want to take it to over there. You don't want to pull it up like this when you're showing the coin You want to take it to the same place everytime. So that people get used to seeing it go there. They're not thinking about it anymore. It's natural for this to come right back here to show the coin right here. Okay? That's part of misdirection and learning how to do magic. So, you got it over there. You don't want them to see how this is done. Now, watch. First time we're going to try this. It works everytime. One, two three, boom! You take it back to your spot. right over here. Don't let go of it. Uh-oh. Hang on. Something must have gone wrong. Sometimes, it takes me a couple of tries. Put it back down. Let them hear it, listen. [glass knock once on the table] Not obviously. That was too obvious because I'm trying to let you know but just a little bit let them know that that glass is still underneath there. You're going to say, it always works the second time. Watch this. One, two, three. It comes back to here. Casually, Without even looking, you're looking at this over here, I just let it go on my lap. The shape is still folded right here. It's beautiful. As far as they're concerned, it's still there. It's in your lap, your other hand's still up here. You put it right back on top of the coin. And you say You know what? It doesn't seem to be working very well. But let me try a different trick You're going to reach under the table I'll show you this in a minute. You're going to grab the glass. Get it underneath the table right underneath where it would be. And you're going to go like this. You're going to go [glass knocking on the table] Hear that? That is a complete and other illusion. People are sure that that is right there. And you're doing it underneath the table at the same moment that you are tapping this on top so you're going underneath the table you're going... [glass knocking on the table] And then, all you're going to do is go Watch this. You're going to pause. And you're going to go... Like it came right through the table. And slowly, you're going to pull that out. And you're going to say, "You know what?" I couldn't make the coin disintegrate but look, the glass is even better. We've got the glass right here. Let's go right over here. I want to show this how this works. We've got it here. It falls into the lap. Right then. People are going to love it. Have fun with this one. Good one.

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