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Rumi Nagashima - Tokyo, Japan - Japanese (Global Lives Project, 2007) ~19:49:17 - 20:05:00

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How big would it have to be to fit? um... where are you going tomorrow? tomorrow, we are still in school you see, so we have exams I will be doing tests you are taking a test? what? oh, no, I wont be taking the test because school is... not so good... what? you guys aren't in summer vacation yet - no we aren't yet we have tests all next week elementary and middle schools are already in summer vacation - I meant not next week but this week yes yes, I thought that summer vacation came sooner that was close, can you pick it up? oh! you did it after that, nothing - ah yes that, its like the cucumber ghost oh - excuse me, thank you what happened to that cheese dish we ordered... do you think you have enough food? there is a lot - let me know how you are doing... we haven't prepared it yet... it will take about 13 min for the kitchen to prepare it... please go ahead and make it - ok she is pretty, isn't she? the sound of bowling upstairs oh, there is bowling up there, I didn't know I really want to go bowling you know they have the kiddie courses you mean when you just put the ball on top and just push - what it that? there is a place where you set the ball, and then you just let it drop... oh oh oh it throws it for you then, it doesn't fall into the gutter - gutter bumper ah, like it kind of is up there and, yes yes I'm an idiot, I once played 30 games of bowling in one night why? - during high school, bowling was cheap we did a lot of free-time bowling I've never heard of that - its from 11 am.... we just played and played - wow there was karaoke, billiards, pingpong... you played hard intense! I haven't really played a lot of bowling ah bowling... a long time ago, we decided to do a show using unpopular talents... and decided to do a bit bowling competition... you, go with that one and that one and that one and make a team then there was one girl who I liked in that group I felt like I had to show off a bit but half the time I got it in the gutter oh no right before that, UFO Catcher was just about to air well that's really kind of good no way, but I guess if it stops at just that lucky the other time, that's how do you know Leah Dizon? ah yea I got two Leah Dizon lighters so Nagaya came around to get one what what, so that's what you are into I just got it to put up as a decoration (laugh) wow no way, so nostalgic that boring... oh, as a girl ah so nostalgic Miniskapolis? (a TV show) ah yes, Miniskapolis... every time I watch Miniskapolis, I think, what is the point... so snobbish yeah I don't get Miniskapolis at all oh, excuse me, thank you very much on top of that, its been going on for a while yes, first season, second, third... right? there is nothing negative about eggplants (thank you!) ah, yes yes... yes! why? no way! that's amazing! eggplant? you can't eat eggplant? oh, really? comparing a life with eggplant, to a life without eggplant definitely with eggplant is the better its delicious that squishy gross.... what, why? (thank you very much!) eggplant, you can fry or boil or deep fat fry too, yeah... a little old? what a lie I may not be able to eat anymore I eat very small portions oh really, I didn't know extremely so I can eat only about half a child's bowl of rice... it's amazing you've... yes I know wait, the other time, didn't you eat a whole burger? did I? oh yes I eat less than a child but, you ate that Ramen? that time, I tried really hard and, the leftovers I made him finish for me ah, it was that long ago four, five months have passed I thought it was only one or two (laugh) so mean I'm not a member, no, but I know of it ah, its ok oh, yes there's a lot of stuff on YouTube... it's all up there (laugh) I see, I see, I see and then they go down and and back up the second he's up... and does a mid-air turn... not possible... there's a bunch of footage where he misses landing and falls all over the place they just pick him up and he does it over again amazing the Canadian Gold medalist from the Para Olympics was on there too that guy was riding a half-pipe that's crazy! scarry every year in July and August in Hakuba they have downhill wheelchair races

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Duration: 15 minutes and 13 seconds
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Producer: Irene Herrera
Director: Irene Herrera and Ron Carr
Views: 94
Posted by: globallivesjapan on Nov 7, 2009

GL Japan Tape 15 (ii)

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