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#RemoteAgainstCoronavirus Campaign Update 4

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Hello! And welcome to our weekly update from our #RemoteAgainstCoronavirus campaign Have you all washed your hands? I hope so. So we released last week's article on why remote working is not the same as working from home this is so important as a group of people who've been doing it for the last five years it's very different, and we've heard anecdotally that a lot of people have gone from being in meetings all day in the office to being on calls all day at home we are not going to work productively as a remote working population globally if we work that way so please make sure that you've read that article because I think it will genuinely help so many people I couldn't agree more I mean, particularly as we're looking at being in this way of working this modus operandi for a little while now it's not like we're going to be off for a couple of weeks and then going back to the office we're going to be working remotely for a sustained period of time so, it's important that we all understand what that means, and how to get the most out of it for ourselves, and for our businesses. So read that article, if you haven't already. Yeah, it might be hard to believe this can actually be really fun uplifting and positive working this way and actually, I think we all need work I had a complete shocker of a morning looking after my children this morning just couldn't have gone worse so work can be great for our mental health if we get it right and on that note next week is Wellbeing Week that is part of the initiative that we've launched so Wellbeing Week has all sorts of different sessions that we're running and anyone is free to join you don't need to be a member of we will be sharing more details as the week goes on about what those sessions will be and also how to join them but it is going to be extremely valuable so please make time to join, if you can This can't come soon enough can it? Wellbeing Week. I'm really looking forward to it really looking forward to connecting with loads of people online and having some positive chat in the face of what's been a very difficult few weeks so, if you want to get involved We look forward to seeing you over there and hopefully joining in with Wellbeing Week next week. Brilliant, and also just to leave you with one thought the Coronavirus is spreading so prolifically because each person on average is infecting another 2.4 people we have an ambition to spread support faster than the virus is spreading so if you can tag in three people to this comment thread below then we will spread support faster than Coronavirus please help us to do that Have a great week. We can do this! Bye!

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Posted by: _kim_nguyen on Mar 24, 2020

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