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Bergkristal en de werking

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This film is about clear crystal and its healthy qualities.. in English you call rock crystal in this way "clear crystal" and crystal comes from the Greek word "krystallos" which means ice at that time still thought that it might be possible ice it also seems very much and also it has affinity with water .. how the crystal is actually often compared to water .. it is purifying such as water and like water between beverages is so is clear crystal under stones .. The stone is a very neutral, yet a broad operation All stones often have a very specific effect of crystal is that in general, purifying, healing enlightening, you get more focused .. if you're near crystal it works on and in the whole body all the chakras, it cleans it .. It has a very wide operation, like we water meet in our lives .. Also in industry is it most widely used,for example in quartz watches in the aircraft industry for some measuring equipment and also in computers than it is not often called rock crystal, but quartz. That's the way with several stones as there are many stones that have applications in industry for certain substances in some way function to activate or measure, as medicine, for example quartzwatch so you can with a piece of rock crystal as I have in my hand made a wonderful elixir.Nou this is a bit large you can put rock crystal in a bottle with water and the crystal influenced the water with a subtile vibration.. The vibration takes over, the water has a soft tasting and the clear crystal giving it a finer vibration than it normally would have That's actually a real taste, for even the unbelievers among us, I have often heard they said that it really is true.. .. That's really fun! Furthermore, hexagonal crystal which means that the point has six faces .. just to keep the camera .. it is probably to see .. and this point is a natural point and is not polished .. It is at the bottom more cloudy at the top are beautiful rainbows maybe to see on the film.. and there is a very clear piece .. if there are rainbows in crystal, it means that the spectrum of colours is caught in the clear crystal the spectrum, and that enhances the effects of the stone .. It's a fascinating play of color in a stone that can be observed it is because of the fracture surfaces that are there, this brings us to the distinction of glass .. Very often people ask if I have glass spheres in our shop .. is that crystal .. no .. yes in some ways actually .. it is also made of quartz sand, but it is completely melted to glass, there are still things to be added making it a very tight .. object Rock crystal has naturally some movement in clouds, and that probably makes it very very much alive .. even the most clear crystal, there are fractures in it en also other things can be seen in it.. for example tourmaline and rutile, rutilised quarts and so there are several inclusions in quartz it can of course clearly seen because of its brightness it is also common in other rocks, but you see less of it because it is more opaque. Rock crystal is a beautiful stone it also speaks to many people's imagination .. It is of course in jewelry, it is used for the altars for clarity in meeting therapists often use it as a therapy tool it is often used with other stones so that it can enhance other stones .. and they are all beautiful crystal applications, such as a piece of me here in my hand .. actually a very beautiful piece in a meeting room to put and that would be improve the quality of the meetings or in the room of a therapist There are also people who rock crystal set near their beds that I find myself less self-less would like to do, of course everyone must know by itself rather because it invites out to wake up and clear and that is exactly what you're not looking for when you are in bed.... you would still like to sleep, I would choose another quarts form like pink quartz or amethyst that are actually very relaxing stones.... stone because there are some other elements and minerals in it .. that invites you more to sleep. this are some explanetions of the applications of crystal it works against many diseases, etc. that has tension and possibly it has to do with the cleaning action.. it has a purifying effect and therefore leave things the body in gallop and thus, it was also used to do ritual to drive away ghosts or other malicious phenomena that our bodies or our environments had influenced.. I think I told some things about rock crystal , there will still be more movies coming.. just a try to do something for the camera to show something, and simultaneously to tell a little.Thank you for watching!

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Country: Netherlands
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Producer: Nely Babin
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Posted by: wensje on Jul 9, 2011

Uitleg over bergkristal..

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