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Because of conversations with my Advisory Board and other veterans around my district, I have advocated for a variety of legislation that aims to both support successful veterans programs and to fix unsuccessful programs. Some of the topics covered by legislation I have cosponsored include enhancing veterans' access to effective medical treatment, extending medical coverage and support for veterans who have suffered injuries as a result of fighting for our country, and working to support extended mental health, addiction and recovery programs for our veterans and service members returning home from the battlefield. Additionally, I have supported continued funding for our military and national defense budgets so that our active duty reservists, and our national guardsmen are able to perform their jobs and defend our nation safely and effectively. In addition to advancing policy change, one of the joys I experience as a Congressman is welcoming our Central and West Central Illinois veterans participating in Honor Flights. This amazing program gives veterans the opportunity to travel to Washington DC and visit the memorials built in their honor. Since taking office, I've had the opportunity to greet four Honor Flight trips from Springfield, Quincy, and Peoria at the World War II memorial in Washington DC. In fact, I'm greeting an Honor Flight from Quincy tomorrow. It is one of my favorite parts of the job. Many of these men and women have seen combat, have lost comrades, and have even sacrificed limbs. Some visit with the very service members they fought alongside decades ago. I have been a strong supporter of the Honor Flight program, before my time in Congress, and will be into the future. Aside from my work in Washington, I understand it is important to see firsthand, the work done to support our veterans here in Illinois. I plan to tour the Bob Michel clinic in Peoria and the Springfield clinic in late June and early July. Our VA clinics can be greatly improved, and I am eager to learn how I can continue help at the federal level.

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