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Dell Precision Appliance for Wyse - Virtual Workstations

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The way users access high-performance workstation class workspaces is dramatically changing. Take this group of remotely-dispersed designers. As they work across teams and time zones using cad software with expanding data sets, it becomes more difficult to ensure a smooth workflow -- and even tougher on IT to keep data secure and individual workstations updated. The Dell Precision Appliance For Wyse addresses these problems. In just a few minutes, right within the data center, IT can set up a virtual environment of high performance user workspaces that run on the appliance and can be accessed by users through a variety of end points. Users get the same workstation class experience that is now high-performance, secure, and mobile. In fact, the Dell Precision Appliance For Wyse is helping many design, media and engineering teams better collaborate, while keeping IP secure. The appliance comes pre-configured with optimized hardware, software, compression and graphics technology, and the free quickstart tool makes setup a snap. And Dell is the first company to offer a completely validated and ISV-certified appliance solution that can be easily and quickly deployed. To reduce risk, take a phased approach, adding appliances as you scale, or bring your workload into a Dell ‘Workstation Virtualization Center Of Excellence’ to see how it performs in a virtual environment. Going with Dell means getting a fully-validated ISV-certified end-to-end solution — the appliance, thin clients, prosupport and everything in between — so you can quickly and reliably deliver high-performance, secure, and mobile workstation-class workspaces. Visit our site to take the next step.

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Posted by: ralph_jung on Sep 23, 2016

Dell Precision Appliance for Wyse - Virtual Workstations

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