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Canterbury, England

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England's Canterbury is majestically medieval Celebrated in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales. The place where an archbishop was martyred. This is a cathedral town. The seat of the archbishop of Canterbury, head of the Anglican Communion; it’s a pilgrimage site and has been since the Middle Ages. It’s also a university town; about one-quarter of the population attends one of the three universities here. Canterbury is located about 60 miles southeast of London in the county of Kent, just 15 miles from the white cliffs of Dover on the English Channel. There are two train stations that require short walks to the city centre. At first it seems more modern than medieval; that’s because Canterbury experienced heavy damage from bombing in WWII. Only one tower gate survives, but not because of bombers, they were taken down in the seventeen hundreds because they block traffic. As you draw near to the Cathedral you go back in time. St. Augustine founded the first church in Canterbury in 597. The present building, which stands atop Augustine’s church dates from the time of the Norman Conquest in the 11th century and took four hundred years to complete. Canterbury is perhaps best known for what happened on the evening of December 29, 1170; Archbishop Thomas a Becket was preparing to say Vespers, when 4 knights, loyal to King Henry II entered and struck him down. Becket had served as the King's chancellor and the King thought he would be able to control him after he was made archbishop, but Becket felt his first loyalty was to the church. Three years after the murder, the pope ordered the king under threat of excommunication to go to Canterbury and do public penance at Becket's tomb. The shrine became a major pilgrimage site. In 1538, King Henry VIII ordered the shrine and Becket’s remains to be destroyed as part of his break with the Roman Catholic Church. Today, a single candle burns on the place where the shrine once stood. Canterbury is a beautiful town steeped in history and it’s a great place to take time to travel.

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Canterbury, England

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