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Intro to New SID Sales Plays

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Today we are introducing five new sales plays for RSA SecurID Access. I will provide background as to why we are focusing on these areas, what's different from previous years and how you can leverage these in your own selling scenarios. Let's get started. RSA is focusing on these five sales plays to support two business goals. First, protecting and expanding within our install base and growing net new logos.

While RSA continues to provide the industry leading hardware and software tokens, we need to evangelize the fact that RSA SecurID Access also delivers modern, mobile, multi-factor authentication such as push to approve and biometrics. Customers are looking to meet the needs of growing and diverse population of users and support their journey to the cloud. Each sales play contain specific use cases for key applications and integrations that customers are looking to secure with multi-factor authentication. In this course, you learn about each of the following sales plays and the corresponding use cases.

The first sales play, multi-factor authentication or MFA, to secure VPN access focuses on enhancing security for access gateways such as Cicso VPN and Citrix. It goes beyond a user ID and password by using push notifications to help expand to a new user community.

The second sales play is MFA secure cloud applications. It focuses on enabling organizations to secure SaaS applications by integrating MFA to applications like Microsoft Office 365,, Workday and ServiceNow. This is key to supporting organization's journey to the cloud.

The third is MFA to secure admins and privileged accounts. This sales play enables organizations to protect admin consoles such as AWS, Azure, Azure AD, as well as privileged access with CyberArk by integrating MFA capabilities. This sounds pretty straightforward but in many cases, customers are still using user names and passwords.

The fourth sales play is MFA with Palo Alto Networks next-gen firewall. This play focuses on securing legacy apps that do not support SAML RADIUS. This play increases the overall security by adding MFA at the firewall to protect against unauthorized users moving laterally within the network. This is an expansion opportunity for customers that say they can't enable MFA on their legacy applications.

And the last sales play is Identity Assurance with VMware Workspace ONE. This play enables organizations to leverage the VMware Workspace ONE integration with RSA SecurID Access to provide user context, device context to improve identity assurance. Next you will get more detail about each sales play. Following training and throughout the year additional resources will be shared to facilitate these selling scenarios with new and existing customers.

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Intro to New SID Sales Plays

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