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Korean 412L Final Oral Presentation

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Hello. Welcome to Korean 412L Entertainment! I'm Kang Ji Hye and I'll be interviewing the fashion designer, Jeong-suk, about her career. Hello. How are you doing these days? I guess you're really busy. I'm doing well. Since I expect to go to Austin Fashion Week next weekend, I have to prepare diligently. Is that so? Well, you look very pretty! Your hair and outfit suit you well. Where did you buy that outfit? Thank you. I received it as a gift from Ms. Versace. As for my hair, I just went to a salon and had a hairstylist do my hair. Is this how you usually style your hair? What do you think? Well, I'm not sure. I'm just curious. I like natural hairstyles. How do you know Donatalla Versace? I've heard that she's quite intimidating. Not to me! She was very nice when I met her. That's nice! Speaking of fashion icons, you've become very popular for your amazing style. What goes into creating the perfect outfit? Common sense. What do you mean? Since you have on that ugly shirt, it looks like you don't have any sense of fashion. ...Well...What do you usually like to do in your free time? Sometimes I go out, but I also like to read books. What kind of books do you like to read? I read cook books. Oh, is that so? I didn't know that you knew how to cook. I don't! Then are you learning how to cook? No! I just read cook books because it relieves stress. What other hobbies do you have? I don't make time for other hobbies because I'm busy with my work. ...Alright. So you said that Austin Fashion Week is next weekend. You must be very excited. Of course. My work is going to be the best. Why is your style the best? My style is refreshing and people have a good experience when they see it, so it's the best. Ah, I see. How do you like being in the United States? This is my first time here and it's too boring. In Seoul, there are many things to do all day and you can stay up all night. Oh, really? Then, are you going to spend the holidays in the US? In Austin?? Not way! So where do you plan on spending the holidays? If there's a crowded place like Ibiza Island, I would go there. Do you have any other events coming up? UGH! I'm dying of boredom. Hey! Let's go get something to eat! Bye! ;) Well, that's all the time we have. This has been Kang Ji Hye with Korean 412L Entertainment.

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