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The design of - Schooling

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: The Design of Schooling This is the design of schooling communicating about schooling now in this unified consciousness field reality existence we human beings experience themselves within it is a necessity and requirement to go to school, to be able to survive in this world now as- many have noticed in their daily lives what has become of this world is human beings lived to survive, and that is it and so the children are sent through the processing center which is refer to as the educational system to be able to have their ability to live exist and survive in this world now, the schooling system and the job- system job/work system to make money to be able to exist and survive and live in this world has all been constructed as an entertainment facility for human beings who's- imagine dimensional beings long time ago coming here saying: Human beings there are mind systems inside you that require you to participate and as it to be able to exist now these mind systems are our creations so you know keep yourself busy and just live and do whatever you want all we care about is the mind systems to be able to evolve - within and as you obviously that wouldn't work, so we have to design a complete manifested alternate reality in which to preoccupy human beings so that- everything seems normal everything seems ordinary this is the way it's supposed to be because it is the way that always been we as apparently evolved, no it is the mind systems inside human beings that have evolved now let's have a look at this process in it's entirety what are we here to do? simplicity to stop the mind now you can't kind of just sit in your house or in a cave or you know on the side of the street and stop your mind and then, expect to go out in the world and survive it would be impossible now in terms of how this process works, it's- understand that currently we are in this world but it's to be in this world but not of this world what does that mean? we're not saying: Don't! have you children go to school, at the moment now we're in this world we are in this reality it's a thing that kinda has to be done for now for how we are in the current situation a suggestion though would be to have your children do home-schooling, where you in the comfort of their own home, even if you get them a tutor or au pair or something like that it will assist the child in terms of not being influenced by the teachers by the other children by other children's parents it leaves space for the child to express themselves freely to get to know themselves whereas in the schooling establishments of schooling system the entire geometrical construct and alignment of the building the way the teachers organize the children the way the principle you know standing as authority figure over the children because if you look in terms of the schooling system what do they implement there? superiority and inferiority authority rules laws god knows what and it's not so much the material or what they are learning at school it's got much to do with the entire organization, that goes with children going to school therefore, it would be great beneficial for a child to do home schooling and, to add a child does home schooling as well to also assist the child in expressing themselves to enjoy themselves and their own self-expression while they are at home doing home schooling work and to not allow the school work, to affect a child in anyway whatsoever, so it's like a I don't prefer losing your balance but there is a balance it's a- equilibrium and is placed within a child's Life experience in this world because the whole schooling system programs- children's minds extensively you know walking into that building, classrooms to wait sat you know the way that teachers handle the children and it could even be small things that is done, that affects the child's Life for the rest of their Life because they don't know how to handle what the hell is going on with them and from there- children are kind of it's like the whole school system when children go to school it's it's like door keepers of this entire unified consciousness field saying: Come little children, welcome to the system come and do your processing and we shall have you become one of all in the unified consciousness field soon, the entire schooling system will stop children will not learn what they teach in schools anymore because it's such useless information just necessary for them to be able to say, to everyone in this world: Ok here is my little piece of paper, I have done my god damn twelve years of school now I am going to spend another half of my Life in university and then! the other half trying to survive and making money it is such a ridiculous way of Life this world has become it is horrific half of your Life is finished in an entire educational schooling system and then the other age you have to work and survive and make money is that really a way to live in this world? in everyone I say no thus- until the schooling system change, we suggest I suggest home schooling for the children and that's what I have to say thank you very much, this is the schooling system speaking enjoy Please join us for Discussion: For Regular Updates: Join, Beyond the grave: More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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