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The 3 laws

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There're the small balls on the green desk, without moving. The gravity pushing the balls down, is do it by the power up the green desk top pulling in the balls up in the same opposite direction. The stability of the powers is when we have the balls up rest, on the green desk. These balls will actes an unstability extranel force. Without another power to contre it's desplaced in the opposite direction, it gets an unstability power doing on the other balls. The extranel power collais with the balls and transform their motion state. In this explanation, a 3D body represents a pushing power on a 50 kg mass. Using this power treight, he hasn't a problem accelerating the box in the direction of his pushing power. If the mass is multiplied for two times and we want to accelerate at the equal rate we must also multilied for two times the power. Our body, but, is already pushing all this power streight, so what occur? He can only accelerate the box and have the rate as all streight by a slower event. The most exacly example of the action and reaction law is the react turbine. Notes at the high gases streming out of the shodels turbines. If this is the action, where is the same and up set recation? It occur clear us the shodle is propose on to the sky. The raction to the gases going out of the turbine is the pulling of the rocket in the opposite direction. Everywher you look, this laws are going to be followed by everything around your life. With excellent owner, you may start to know your own use od this laws in your daily life.

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Year: 2011
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Posted by: perri on Jan 8, 2011

There are 3 laws of motion.
- The first is the INERTIA law.
- The second is the FUNDAMENTAL law.
- The third is the ACTION-REACTION law.

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