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Dell Latitude Rugged Tour-cn

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When it comes to our Rugged machines, just passing the industry standard really isn’t a product that’s rugged enough for our customers. Here in the Rugged Test Lab, we test to fail. Because our customers work in environments where incredibly unpredictable things can happen, they need to know that Rugged products can do what they need them to do, wherever they need them to do it. The range of equipment that we have in this lab allows us to simulate all the difficult conditions that customers will experience. We need to know that these products can survive and thrive and allow productivity wherever customers are. The thermal testing chamber exposes Rugged machines to extreme temperatures. We go down to negative 29 degrees Celsius, or negative 20 degrees Fahrenheit. What’s important there is spinning media won’t boot. I’ve been in negative 20 degrees Fahrenheit weather; I didn’t want to wait for anything, much less my computer to boot up. For our extreme heat testing, we want to make sure that the technology runs at 145 degrees Fahrenheit. For us, a pass is the computer is still on and you’re not throttled at all. Our water ingress tests are designed to simulate harsh, wet environments. One of the most extreme water tests we perform is a water cannon that blasts machines at over 3 gallons per minute. In fact, we can turn this thing up full blast and it’s still gonna pass that test. Our dust protection chamber helps us ensure that sand, dust and debris won’t slow you down in the field. So what you’re testing is, can you actually suck dust through your mechanical seal into your electronic compartment. One speck of dust is a fail. We’re gonna do drop testing. Something the shape of a computer has 26 different orientations that you can actually hit from. So we start at 4 foot, we go to 5 foot. And then we go to 6 foot. We’re gonna make it through all 78 of those drops with just 1 unit. I don’t think any of us were dreaming that we were gonna be at 9 and 10 feet dropping these units. So as much testing as we do in the lab, sometimes we just can’t get it to fail. And when that happens, we have to get creative. The following is not standard testing. Trained rugged lab techs. Do not try this at home. We have a dedicated team of engineers with one goal in mind – and that is to break these products. And I’m gonna be honest, that’s getting harder and harder every year. The people using these products – firefighters, police officers, ambulance drivers, the military – they have hard jobs. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to finding the point of failure in the Rugged Test Lab, so our customers never have to experience it out in the field.

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Dell Latitude Rugged Tour-cn

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