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What to do at your next airport layover

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Airport layovers—whether they're planned, or when they happen due to a delay— they leave you wondering, [sigh] well now what do I do? [Now What Do I Do?] [popping sounds] [AARP Travel Ambassador Samantha Brown] [AARP Travel Ambassador Samantha Brown] Hi, I'm Samantha Brown and let me tell ya, I have logged a lot of hours in airports, and one question I often get is, "What should I do with a layover?" Now, despite the reputation, layovers don't have to mean endless hours sitting at the gate, or reading as many magazines as possible while trying to avoid paying for any. In fact, a layover can be a memorable part of your trip, and dare I say—interesting and even fun! [It can be fun!] So instead of killing time at the magazine rack, [It can be fun!] why not dine on dishes created by celebrity chefs? Take a mini-excursion to a local city, or get calm and centered in a yoga room. I've got 3 ideas for you on how to make a more memorable layover. [1 2 3] Number 1—pamper yourself. [Pamper Yourself] You'll be so surprised at the number of amenities airports now offer from manicures to massages to art installations. Listen, you will have no problem filling a layover that's 2 to 3 hours! And while doing a downward dog on a flight is never acceptable, some airports offer yoga rooms where it totally is. A few minutes of deep breathing and stretching is a fantastic way to relax before or after a flight. So, check your airport's website to see if it offers a yoga or fitness area. [Check Airport's Website] If you wanna get some cardio in—good for you! Check out, where you can search for fitness centers in or around airports in US and Canada. Or just do what I do, me and my carry on go for a nice, brisk walk amongst the terminals. Number 2—if you have a little more time, take a train or a cab and see the sights! [See the Sights] If you have a layover that's 5 to 6 hours, look into having a quick half-day trip of sight seeing or a nice lunch. Airports that offer fast and affordable transportation to the cities they serve are the best places for an airport layover adventure. And of course, larger US and international cities usually have great public transportation systems. Now, you definitely want to have this planned before you land so that you can hit the ground running when you arrive. [Plan Ahead] For instance, you wanna know where lockers are, so you can possibly store your carry on, and of course, you want to factor in the extra time to get back through security. Number 3—have a gourmet meal. [Go Gourmet] Okay, airport food has a bit of a bad reputation, and I have eaten more cellophane-wrapped sandwiches than I care to admit, but some airports are really stepping up their game! Check your airport's website in advance, and you might see some restaurants that you'll wanna make some extra time for. Stranded in JFK—try out your chopstick skills on excellent sushi, or your best French at a bistro serving French country classics. Weather problems in Denver—get a seat at their award-winning wine bar. Stuck in Heathrow—check out Gordon Ramsay's new restaurant, just remember—you've got a flight to catch! With the right attitude and research, layovers aren't simply to be tolerated and gotten through, but savored and enjoyed. [Savor Your Layover] For more of my travel tips, visit [] [AARP Travel Ambassador Samantha Brown]

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Relaxing in an airport used to mean sleeping at the gate or sneaking a read at the news stand. Things have changed. From mini-spas, gourmet meals, and quick excursions into the city, Samantha Brown has three ideas to make your layover memorable (in a good way!)

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