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Jacque Fresco - Civilized Man - April 5, 1975 (2/2)

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... without too much shit. So, the first thing you have to learn is stop looking for justice. When you say you have my type in backward in the saturday morning, in key condition. I light a cigar, clean the enviroment, and hold all setup, track my papers and ready to type. And saturday comes. 4 o'clock, it's not in, in full course, a son of a bitch could pick up upon. Sunday nothing, monday nothing, ah. Now, what is the matter here? I listen to what he said. I bring in type, that was the first thing in morning, saturday. And when i accepted that as well it has solved. When you know i'm talking about, is what is up to you. When you say to me i'm are you ready to type what is nothing? She said she could bring it someday. All those records in just a minute. She said she would bring it in sunday. So, you clean on something you paper, buy a ticket for a movie, see a tv program, set out your keys on, and get some good books around, set up your experimental lamp, and if you doesn't show back on the lamp, go do something else. Now, the idea of a person, say, i believe in the girl, i'm going to use you. You are my wonderful girl, you see? And you mean everything to me. And i send you to medical school. And you run off. You know, orderly, you know what i mean? After you get your NB. I said that, doubled, in two time of crap, you know. Instead of walking over the mirror, and say your ability to evaluate human beings is highly lacking. And that's the true. So, whenever you find that another human being disappoint you, this is never beyond the human being. That is your inability to judge people. So, when i say, just stick with me, baby, and i put on these, see? And given this car and bother that up, and dumped in some areas, and so on. You said that nobody was in turn of it. Your judgment regarding people was poor. So, in the future, when you say you would do great things, you will be doing this or that, i listen. I don't doubt it. Maybe, maybe not. I don't know. Saturday comes out on that crap, you see? Now, when you say, hey Jacque, what about that, and i say sure, and that is after you. You would say you are delivering a thing, just forget it. In other words, if i have a yatch, and i invite you out in the boat. Because i like scuba diving, underwater photography, and you say you love that stuff too. When we get under water, and you see something that maintain takes of. And you see me squeezing into that. With all the equipment. And i climb on board. And you say, it was not supposed to, you know, i am regard a scuba, i think i saw a shark on it, you see? There was a terrific board. I'm not mad. Because you said you like scuba diving, and we would say that like. And just heard the birdies. And that is i said i like to work on a boat, and love sailing in the wind, helping it with the rope. All they wanted, in fact, is doing nothing, you see? I'm not against that either. Now, if you say how much did you going to a... you know, a biological lecture, this is terrific, that's all. And Jacque, what about we go to sailing again? Never. You see? But i'm not in that happy. I just know that operationally, we don't sail well together. Under water or on the boat. So, i accept that, in my enjoy the others that i can enjoy. The trouble with us is, we see a person that we like, we try to bend them into... you know, i bought a telescope, you see? I'm try to make lenses, you know? And having my little girl into the telescope. You see? And get the hand book on the telescope, you see? And i tried to bend in that direction. You don't go horse back riding? You look wonderful when you are going to fall, you see? And it seems you don't going to fall now. And look in the head down. And make your head look longer. And i were out. And you got out now. And here we go. Shorting and bending, and in order to get in line with away from us. Why does it get away from them? They think it's good to get away, because they bother each other ass. That is why they get away. That is what the matter the love is. It is selfish and possessive. The real love, it is what doesn't exist yet. Real love is the ability to recognize the needs of another person. And permit the fulfill of those needs. If i am in very much in love with you, and going to stop to study medicine. Want to go to heaven by now. I help you pack, and i say i'm going to miss you. But i'm glad that you found something you want to do. And i get that letter from that matter. I met that upon of course like, and i was bored in love with them, see? If i say i wont miss you, i'm sorry, but it isn't what you must have, you know, the best of life. And if we can help each other, fine. Now, i wont miss you. I fell sad. But i hope i go right in this side. You are breaking your home. That is charming. But that is what you want, that is what you want to do. And you love your help, and you go there. That is a hard thing to do. But the love today is a clunky stinky shit. These people are insecure, and afraid. Always afraid of their love is looking elsewhere, you know? What is that shit? Why are they looking elsewhere? Because obviously they have needs that we don't fulfill. Now, that is terrible. That is real, That is tremendous terrible. If i see my little girl, with both hands on their nice ass. I don't know. You see? That is terrible. I say no, that's real. What do you see, honey? Nothing in particular. I want to see how he go. It might go on you, all everything on my life. And put you eye to your eye, you see? Now, the idea of people exploring is a good idea. If i saw my little girl lying underground, watching another little girl taking a shit, and upon, and build up, that pattern not usually builds up. Watch how it climbs and falls. And you are annoying when you mind that. That is what is right, honey. Now, how we talk to our children about so many things, we are going to a little girl something, you know? She said what? What do you got there? Close the door and get out of here, you know? Why did you cover your eyes? Why did you covered your nose? And when you walk around nude in front of a little girl, just cover your nose with a bowl. You see? And let everything hang out. The kid would never ask any question, you see? What in the hell is behind them? 19 years old, we got that, about hole nose, nothing on it. And it is called deep nose. And you make a move on that. And chose a hole nose. And really, that is not upon an automobile, no point of a shit, you know? And the guy says you lost your revenue. Really proud, said that? A whole idea of shame comes from religion. And god, a whole business, and filled of stupidity. There is nothing ugly in nature. There is nothing, i think that was Max Bordell who said that nothing who said, that is nothing more beautiful than a decaying kidney. I guess that was my first amend, i didn't know any amends, you see? I had no, i do what i mean. Until i had a look at the kidney, and look at the patterns of the infection. The patterns and the colours. I couldn't look at that way. All right, look at that way, you see? And then, another thing that shocked me years ago, that helped me, that is one of the things that helped me to learn to think this way. Going to the south seas, watching these beautiful young polynesian people, squeeze a category, a fact category, what that means? What about that? You see, and then. And that bother me. When i saw one person, and there is, how much young and beautiful people done yet, and i think that must be something wrong with me. So i gather the category in a mechanical way, and tried to pick it, you know? And it tastes like eclair. Very much alike, delicious. When i saw a little lake, you see, and bother me due to an associated memory. And, they say, you know, my criticism, i couldn't explain that i know like. I like it. I mean category? You mean lots and lots of fun. You know, easy to squeeze the category, you have to leave that bother to see a lot of these, you're bad. You bought a whole box of it, then go nude. What the hell is he eating? Why don't he eat? What is right? What is wrong? What is good? What is bad? Then, may be, not right, no wrong, no good, no bad. But that maybe, an optimal pattern of condemn for human beings. And that is what i believe. I believe that there is an optimal pattern of condemn that humans have to agree upon, not obey. Any time that they say you obey, that is dangerous. And when they say, there is so much water in the land, and there is so much, so water, doubting in, so water intrusion. Now we have do something about that. That concerns us all. That is a kind of knowledge that is useful to us at all. We must have knowledge about human beings and their behaviour. And their values. If you see a child, brought up in a great scarcity, very weak child, and it is just a jar of cookies in a big brother is going to happen. And you can never quite have a cookie this way. This kid is always in crumb, and anybody he goes, and there is a little bit of cookie on a restaurant table. And you see a kid in a restaurant seeing somebody in, and he picks a little bit crumbs, and eat them, it's all disgusting. When you know what shapes this behaviour, you say that is interesting. And the human being can be brought up with such deprivation has to commit. Or do a thing like that. So, whenever, there is one that understanding, our mention in some path. Is if i come home one day, and say that someone i did know such strange put of life, way or oriental, and cut a little girl in 27 pieces. And we would look at that person, and say oh my god, what pain they must to lose through. What distortion on background, you see? And i try to help them. That is what i love, then. And every human being, no matter how they behave, are perfectly well adjusted. I know that is hard to believe. And where they were being. So we were raised in child, in Nazi Germany. And the Hitler. And you say, daddy, how can they had such weather and so much trouble on land? And he says the truth. And then, who says that, human misery and unhappiness, and unemployment? The truth. Over and over again, and all shit, when you see a junior on bummer, you understand? It depends on how much you guess, they are away from their hell, and get every time. And you get a lot of that shit, you see? So, if you brought up that way, a little girl gets sick every time she gets worried with you. And some vague to give a shit. And you were as true. But you got to understand it is not the little girl. It's not her mother. It's not Hitler. What made Hitler? The environment. So, you want human beings that are different. That have no hate, no jealousy, no envy. And their own...

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Part 2 of a Jacque Fresco talk (April 5, 1975)

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