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Shake Hands with the Devil (2010)

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We come from a dozen different countries, to help find a way to a lasting peace. (narrator) An ageless land of beauty... ...peaceful and prosperous. But one man sees a storm coming (man) The extremists are hiding weapons all over this country. [click] (narrator) One man will sound the alarm. (man) This demands urgent action. >> You're there to keep peace, not make it. (narrator) And one man will tell the truth, to a world that would not listen. (woman) Have you received any support or supplies? (man) You don't understand what's going on here. (woman) I don't think they want to understand. To them it's just one more mess. [machine gun fire] They are organized to kill a thousand every 20 minutes. (tv anchor woman) Reporters describe thousands of refugees fleeing Negali... >> You are not to take sides. Get down! The deadline is past. (man) Do they know how many people are gonna die here? >> It's over. C'est fini. ♪ [somber African music] We're gonna stay to bear witness to what the rest of the world doesn't want to see. >> Those people should not be here, they have no right to be here. (man) Maybe they believe you'll protect them. >> We want your evacuation as soon as possible. Are you respecting your new orders sir? We're respecting nothing. >> No one will be there to get you out. [gunfire] Floor it! (man) We have refugees in all our compounds. We can save a lot of lives. I'm not going to give them up without a fight. (narrator) Shake hands with the Devil. [Captions by]

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