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MODERATOR: If you were president, would you work to phase out the IRS? RON PAUL: Immediately. and you can only do that if you change our ideas about what the role of government ought to be. If you think the government has to take care of us from cradle to grave, and if you think our government should police the world, and spend hundreds of billions of dollars on a foreign policy that we can not manage then you can't get rid of the IRS, but if you want to lower taxes, and if you want the government to quit printing the money to come up with the shortfall and call with all the inflation, you have to change policy. In my first week, I already got rid of the income tax. By my second week I would get rid of the inflation tax - it's a tax that nobody talks about. We live way beyond our means, with a foreign policy we can't afford and an entitlement system that we have encouraged. We print money for it, the value of the money goes down, and poor people pay higher prices. That is a tax - it's a transfer of wealth from the poor and middle class to Wall Street. Wall Street is doing quite well, and the inflation tax is eating away at the middle class of this country. We need to get rid of the inflation tax with sound money. There's nothing radical about it. To me, the radical idea is over-spending, over-borrowing, and then resorting to printing money when you run out of it, and you wonder why you have financial problems. We're borrowing it from the Chinese to finance our military operations. I mean, most Americans are waking up to this. TUCKER CARLSON: I think you are the only Republican running for president right now who actually voted against the war in Iraq at the very outset - are you going to bring that up on the stage tonight? RON PAUL: Well, if I have the chance, I certainly will, because 70% of the American people now think that the foreign policy is going in the wrong direction and want a change. MODERATOR: Congressman Paul, you voted against the war. Why are all of your fellow Republicans up here wrong? RON PAUL: That's a very good question, and you might ask the question, "Why are 70% of the American people now wanting us out of there, and why did the Republicans do so poorly last year?" So, I would suggest that we should look at foreign policy. I'm suggesting, very strongly, that we should have a foreign policy of non-intervention. A conservative does not have to be embarrassed about being opposed to needless war, war that is undeclared, Here we're going to war - ever since World War II we've never declared war, and we've never won a war. There's nothing conservative about that. RON PAUL: ... And that we should mind our own business and take the advice of the founders and that is stay out of entangling alliances, don't get involved in nation-building, and don't get involved in the internal affairs of other nations. A lot more Americans would be alive if we followed that policy. RON PAUL: We don't need any more money to bring the troops home, I mean, we have already have six or seven hundred billion dollars in the pipeline. So there's more than adequate funds available to take care of our troops, and make sure they're out of harm's way, and bring them home. So, we don't need the funding - what we need is more funding for our veterans. We neglect our veterans, we neglect our hospitals, and at the same time, we're over there spending even more money, to perpetuate a war, and the Democrats have not offered an alternative. So I think that the Republican alternative ought to be, that we ought to mind our own business - President Bush ran on this platform of not policing the world and not getting involved in the internal affairs of other nations, stay out of nation building - I think it's a great policy. INTERVIEWER: So you just want all of the troops to come home, that's what you would do right now if you were president? PAUL: Well, you can't do it in 24 hours, but you should design a policy of non-intervention And why do we have troops in Korea? For more than 50 years, why do we occupy Europe? I mean, we're going broke and we don't need this - we need this money to be spent at home - we need to worry about our borders at home Not worrying about the borders around the world, between Syria and Iraq. I mean, that doesn't have anything to do with our national security - we ought to deal with our own national security. Our military right now is in shambles, it's a mess - because we've been stretched too thin. Though, one of these days we're going to have to wake up, and I'm afraid we won’t wake up until we go bankrupt. And we're approaching that time already.

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Aravoth's incredible "Stop Dreaming" video, remastered.

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