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SP - Ofelia Orozco - DateATon 2018

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[Music] - Hello Lourdes, good afternoon. - Hello, how are you? - Hello, how are you? Hi. - Karina. - OK, nice to meet you. My name is Ofelia. Thanks for being here. Let´s do some easy recipes. It´s stuffed chicken breast and pico de gallo. Who likes pico de gallo? - Me. - Everybody does, right? OK. So, let´s start with the stuffed chicken breasts, it´s so easy to cook, OK? I already have the chicken breasts with some mayonnaise, OK? So, the only thing we are going to do is the breaded. Who buys the bread crumbs at the supermarket? Who buys it or who prepares it at home? - I buy it. - We buy it. OK, I´ll do the bread crumbs here, right now. It´s very easy with two cups of Corn Flakes. OK? And... And half a tablespoon of Knorr Suiza. That´s everything I use for the bread crumbs. I make it here. This is a Power Chef. Everybody calls it chopper, but its name is Power Chef. So, here, quickly, if you don´t have Corn Flakes you can do it with cookies or maybe toast. You can do it with anything you like. I prefer to do it with Corn Flakes because my daughters like it better, but if I don´t have any, I use cookies, or toast. And it´s the same procedure. Well, then here we have the bread crumbs to bread. Let´s do the stuffing and it just has two ingredients. A yellow hot pepper, yellow, banana or whatever you want to call it. And spinach. We already know how many vitamins spinach have, right? - Yes. - So we can look like Popeye. OK. Those are the only ingredients for the stuffing. [POWER CHEF SOUND] [POWER CHEF SOUND] OK? And we have our stuffing ready. And we also have some mozzarella cheese. That´s all we add to our chicken breasts. And we have everything ready. Our chicken breasts only on one side have mayonnaise and we put it on the bread crumbs. We are going to add the spinach. And the mozarella cheese. This is a grill, it´s name is MicroPro Grill. OK? This is where we are doing our chicken breasts. And we do the other one. And within ten minutes we´ll be enjoying them. Tasting them. Are you memorizing the recipe girls? - Yes. - Yes? - Are you sure? - Yes. They look delicious. - They do, don´t they? Very quick, usually when we want to cook a meal like this, how long does it take? - Half an hour, twenty minutes. - Right? So, this is where we are very practical, OK? And done. Let´s put it in the microwave for ten minutes. And I´ll explain you about this grill in a bit, OK? Even when it has metal, it can go in the microwave. We´ll cook it for ten minutes. [POT NOISES] You allow me to, right Lourdes? I have already asked her. [SPEAKING ENGLISH] [SPEAKING ENGLISH] [SPEAKING ENGLISH] [SPEAKING ENGLISH] And well, we know the ingredients. Who can tell me the ingredients? What´s on the pico de gallo? - Jalapeño pepper, onion, coriander. - Let´s see, you said jalapeño pepper, onion, tomato. Coriander. And more tomate. OK, then... [POWER CHEF NOISE] How long does it take to prepare pico de gallo? - Around 20 minutes because all the chopping. - OK, look. - Wow. Very good. - How long did it take? - One minute. - Twenty seconds. We reduced the 20 minutes to 20 seconds. Look, how easy it is to prepare pico de gallo here. We can prepare lots of things here. Like a sauce. [SPEAKING ENGLISH] [SPEAKING ENGLISH] [SPEAKING ENGLISH] [SPEAKING ENGLISH] Can you do a circle while the food is ready? OK. She is Lourdes, my host. I´ll tell her that this is a tupper filled with... She´ll name a vegetable. She´ll give it back to me and then, I´ll give it to Dora and she names another vegetable. And she´ll give it back to me. Rule number one, you can´t repeat any vegetable. Rule number two, you can´t think it for more than five seconds. Rule number three, you can´t whisper the answers, OK? If you already lose, then be quiet. So, ready? - Yes. Do you have all the vegetables names in your mind? Two, three. This is a tupper filled with... - Broccoli. - Broccoli. - Garlic. - Filled with... - Tomatoes. - Filled with... - Onion. - OK, filled with... - Coriander. - Filled with... - Epazote. - Filled with... - Pepper. - Filled with... - Carrot. - Filled with... - Peppermint. - Filled with... [LAUGHS] - One, two... Three, four, count with me... - Cauliflower. - OK. Cauliflower. - Carrot. - They already mentioned that. - Chayote. - Chayote. - Squash. - OK. Filled with... - I don´t know. - Filled with... - Sweet potatoe. - Filled with... - Filled with... - Squash. - Filled with... - Oh, with... - One, two, [INTERPOSED VOICES] OK. Let´s give them a round of applause. [APPLAUSE] She won a little gift but I also promised some gifts to our host. I gave a little gift to Lourdes when she accepted the exhibition. OK? But I also told her that if three strangers came, I´d give her another gift. OK? Are they stranger to her? - No. - But they are to me. - They have to be strangers to me, not to her. Familiar to her but strangers to me. Which means, for example, I see one, two, three strangers to me. Familiar to Lourdes but strangers to me. Thank you. [LAUGHS] OK. Well, then, I also told her, she gave me a date for the exhibition and she didn´t change it. So, I´ll give her another gift. [APPLAUSE] Well, I gave her five notes. Lourdes you have the five notes full. - Yes. - Here are the five. - I didn´t tell you how much I sent you, but I told you to have five notes in advance, from clients that already order you, she has five orders and I´ll give her another gift. [APPLAUSE] Hurray! Being in a Tupperware party it´s kind of always celebrating a birthday, isn´t it? So, the birthday girl, is always the one who receives all the gifts. Guests bring them, right? So, when it is our birthday, all the gifts are for us. Remember we are going to spoil Lourdes, and she´s the one receiving all the gifts. OK? Well, then, thank you very much Lourdes. What can Lourdes have tonight? [SPEAKING ENGLISH] [SPEAKING ENGLISH] [SPEAKING ENGLISH] [SPEAKING ENGLISH] [SPEAKING ENGLISH] [SPEAKING ENGLISH] [SPEAKING ENGLISH] [SPEAKING ENGLISH] [SPEAKING ENGLISH] We already have... While I am serving, because it´s almost done. Actually it´s done already. Our recipe is ready. And now, who wants to see how it looks? - Yes. - Are you sure? Do you think it´s cooked or not? - Yes. Well, ta da... Look. - Wow. - Zero fat. - Well said. Zero fat. As you saw, we didn´t use any oil, we didn´t use anything to cook it. So... Even with our own spatula, we can cut it or put it in a container. Put it in a container or in a dish, so you can cut it. OK? Do you want to taste it? - Yes. I knew you would. So...

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SP - Ofelia Orozco - DateATon 2018

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