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Speed up WordPress with Gears for Firefox

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Gears is a little addition to your regular web browser that speeds along the way online applications like WordPress making them more like the applications you work with from your desktop like Word, Excel, iPhoto and Keynote It does that by copying essential files from the web to your computer so that every time you do something new your computer doesn't need to pull 100% of the information down from the web every single time In the case of WordPress that means that you can glide through tasks quicker than you could without Gears whether you're using a blog or self-hosting your own WordPress So how do you get it up and running? This short video will show you how to get Gears installed in your browser of choice So the first thing you're going to want to do is to download Gears from It shows you the different versions, but it will automatically select the one you need So click "Install Gears" and then you've got a little bit of information "would you like to send them crash reports or not". I'm going to say ok, agree to download and now I get the prompt to install now in Firefox. So click on "Install Now", and you'll see that does it for me and then I just need to restart Firefox to get that up and running So I just click here on "restart" and that now appears up at the top, telling me it's been installed. Let's go over to WordPress next, and in the main dashboard up at the top you'll see next to your name there's a button that says Turbo. So press that, and in the Tools menu, we want to "Enable Gears" when I click that it's going to ask me if it's ok to install and do I trust this site - that's fine, so I just need to click on "I trust this site", and "Allow" and then it'll go through. It'll take a while, so make yourself a cup of coffee or a hot beverage of your choice, and when that's ready you're good to go with your new, souped-up blog

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Posted by: wordpresstv on Mar 30, 2009

If you use the Firefox browser, you might want to install the Gears add on from Google to speed up web applications including WordPress. This video goes through the why and how in under 2 minutes.

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