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Sheikh Bukhari: Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right

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global oneness project Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right I always say two wrongs doesn't make right. If somebody did something wrong, you do the same, never come to right. Sheikh Abdul Aziz Bukhari Jerusalem, Israel You can't correct something by doing the same bad wrong mistake he does. If somebody does something wrong, you have to show how to change him with a smile. with accepting his wrong, showing him what's right. Gandhi, in India, with nonviolence he was able to change many things. Nelson Mandela in South Africa, Martin Luther King, these are in the modern world you know. We're talking about something that people can read and know about them. Always wrong can bring another wrong. But when you put stop to that wrong by showing goodness and kindness, you can't change. Now, somebody hit me, and I told them thank you and walk away, I put an end for the violence. But if I hit him back, he's going to hit me again, I'm going to hit him again, and its gonna go on til we kill one another. I think the stronger one is the one who can absorb the violence, the anger from the other and change it to love and understanding. And its not easy, its not easy. It takes a lot of energy and takes a lot of power and this is the real jihad. How to fight the wrong with good, how to transform hate to love. Somebody hits you the first time and you say sorry and walk away, and know exactly inside of him he's gonna feel guilty. His conscience is gonna tell him he was right and you were wrong because you walked away. Gandhi said an eye for an eye would make everybody blind. That's how we can transform the wrong with right and change things, because if we all gonna kill one another, who's going to remain in this world? We have to put an end to the violence by showing love, and that's the real power.

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