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03 ran

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I want to release a photo collection. This is where Aoki-san sleeps. Good morning, it's been a while... I'll do it, even if only with seaweeds to cover myself with. -I understand. -Eh?! - You hear that? -He agreed to it! -He did. - Hello, it's been a while. Been a while. -Sorry for calling you out suddenly. -It's okay. -According to Sasshi, you take the best pictures of her. -Thank you for the compliment. He is popular among 48G members, because his photos are very good. -Kuwajima-san seem like a very busy person. -Certainly does. Actually, I haven't had much work in September. I was actually panicking, thinking "Crap!", so I've been going around marketing myself. - You had to find job yourself?! Well, yes. And then I started to receive job offers again. -Even you had to do it?! -Actually all photographers do it. You have to find your own jobs. Really? I thought you were super popular. Our days are passed with fear of uncertainty. -You are paid in a commission system, right? -Yes, I'm also same as him. -No wonder Fukuda-san moves to a house with such high rent. -Please don't bring that up! What's this about? -He'll live in a house with very expensive rent. -Really? Wow. Please spare me from this. It's OK, but you should think about it. Sashihara's Rebellion "Sashihara's Rebellion" is a show in which Sashihara Rino works with all kinds of professionals to challenge several projects, while traveling and messing around everywhere. -Let's get to the point now please. -Yeah. Actually, I decided to release a photo collection and would like you to be my photographer. Absolutely. Even if you said that, we still have to talk about the money. Wouldn't we talk about it when the time comes? -I'd like to get it done now to avoid complications. -Sounds good to me. -You may say it's too little for you later. -Yeah, I want to avoid a dispute. Aoki-san's did an estimation, even though it should be a secret... We were discussing whether we should fly business class or economy. We wish you'll consider taking business... I mean economy class fight. -Wait, me? -Yeah. -Of course, I can take economy class flight. -Ah, that's a relief. -Who am I to take business class flight? -Even when doing work overseas? -No, it costs a lot of money. Look, how kind of him, unlike (that photograph). Don't say it! -So, no business, just economy is fine? -That's a relief. -Yeah, all good. [A fee problem] Normally, the fee is this much... But wait, I am not finished yet. It's not that. -Aoki-san said, that Kuwajima-san's fee is probably this much. -That's quite a bit... -He said it should be this much. -This rate should be logical. However, because we're rushing things, it's messy. We would really appreciate it if you'd agree on this option. -On the contrary, that's really generous. -You serious? -Absolutely. Wait, the circumstances have changed... -Let's renegotiate... You are fine with that fee? -Totally. -Well, nice. -Looks like we did it. Such a nice deal. If Kuwajima-san wouldn't accept this offer, I don't think I could work with him again. I'd think he's too greedy. After all, isn't this the normal rate? Actually, wouldn't this be the best option for Kuwajima-san? If it sells, then you'll make even more right? Compared to base fee, wouldn't getting a cut from the sales yield more money? Yes, but only if it sells well. -So, just the base fee option? -Yes, that will do. So, what photo collection is going to be like? -A more mature theme? -Like "Santa Fe". What the heck? Just forget about it. "Santa Fe". In other words, going nude is fine. Santa Fe, Santa Fe. -Please, don't go nude. -"Santa Fe". [Back to business] -Guess we'll use this chance to talk to you about photography business. -Right. -Normally... How much?.. -What do you mean? I'd like to have something as reference for future business meetings. Usually different people have different fees. For people of my age, normally we'll just take the asking price. -What does that mean? -We'll take anything, high or low pay. It's normally like that. That said, it's unlikely to have horrible deals. What if you're offered only $200? Depends on the job. For example, a magazine-cover for a gravure model who you took care of. And you are told "Sorry, we could only give you $200". If it's the first time, I'd normally take it. Eh?! Even $200?! -What do you mean? You'll shoot a model for magazines for $200? -Yes, for magazines. -How does it work for magazines? -It's usually charged by pages. Such as, how much they'll pay for each page of photos. -Ah, by pages? -What's the average rate for a page? It's different for each media. What would it be for (some comic magazine)? I can not reveal that. Just tell me, I'll keep it to myself. I really can't tell you. But Aoki-san told me so much. I'll... Tell you in secret, OK? Under the desk, then. -Eh? I don't get it... That's for one page? -Yes. But photographers and front covers have their own ranks. Is that so? For instance, comic magazines pay quite well. We'll bleep this out later... How much does (some magazine) pay for each page? Down there again. -Eh? That different? -Yes. That's because their number of sold copies is different. -That's amazing. -The difference is great. -We did our calculations, not expecting great sales, right? -Yes, of course. It's scary to assume it'll sell well. However, Aoki-san is quite the professional, so he probably already taken everything into account. Do you also think Aoki-san's eyes are scary? Aoki-san surely have thought about this. -About what? -How much it'll sell. I am sure he has a rough estimate in mind. Truth be told, we didn't think Aoki-san would agree to this proposal. Moreover, Sasshi is not his favorite member. Even though he published a photo collection for Milky. "I want one. I want to release a photo collection". I also understand him wanting to help Milky after being asked like that. She said to a certain photographer "Would you like to see me in a swimsuit?" -It was me. -Ah, right! That was the first time I've worked with Yamamoto Sayaka-san and Milky-san for swimsuit photo shoot. Yamamoto-san simply left to change. As for Milky, she held the swimsuit and said "Do you want to see me in swimsuit?" I answered "Yes". -That's how you do it, Sashihara-san. -Amazing. -You're not good at this. -It's impossible for me. -I never even thought about it. -Right? I feel those who are hot right now can use those lines. I think you're at your peak right now. If you don't only use those lines when you're at your peak, then there's no meaning to it. Honestly, we've been discussing dirty topics since morning. It's really unpleasant, let's talk about something refreshing. -What do you think of her as model? -I think she's wonderful. I learn from my sources that I'm his favorite out of all AKB Groups. That's true. [Sashihara is his favorite?] Eh? Why? I watched Fortune Cookie, and it really made me happy. I was so happy and I found her cute. Maybe I should request to shoot a "Private Life" too? -I'll invite him to my place. -No, please don't. -Taking photos of my meals. -I don't want to see your personal life... -Why not? -She eats super plain dishes. Like noodles. Everyday noodles. -Everyday noodles in small doses. -Only a bundle of it. -Don't you get hungry? -No, I don't. It's OK. -I'm happy. -Me too. With such excellent model, there's nothing left to worry about. Excellent? I was actually quite worried about this, when she said about releasing photo collection. For me, only girls with big boobs can release things like photo collections. Face also, I thought idol should have cute face. When she said she wants to release photo collection, I thought she has no tools to pull it off. I was worried about it. I think she is very charming. So kind! I think her charm is different from "cute" and "nice figure" types. When you say "cute face" and "nice body", Kojiharu is first that comes to mind. I think one's charm is not expressed through face or body. -The real photographer is something else! -That means photographer sees things differently? Yeah, probably... Actually, nowadays girls doing gravure are different from before. They are not all big breasted with nice bodies. Therefore, I feel that those aren't the deciding factors. I think it depends whether the girls looks cute or beautiful in the photos. What a fancy saying! -Wow! -Ain't that amazing? -Very artistic. Really impressive, no wonder they're paid so well. -So if we have a photographer, this means?.. -We are all set. I think we are ready to start. What about the other staff? -I brought my make-up artist with me. -Wow. -Amano-san will do my make-up. -I see. -How about the stylist and clothes? -There's no problem. -Anyone can do. -Really? Anyone?! Even my own clothes are fine. -You don't need to prepare that yourself. -Well, somebody will do it for me, right? -Why don't we ask Kuwajima-san? -Could you find them for me? -Me? -Yes, please. -Yes, please. -By the way, when will we start shooting? -Probably around October. -We'll discuss with "OhtaPro" this. I'll manage my schedule. -I'll find a suitable time for the schedule. -Understood, thanks for that. -Let's see, photographer - checked. -Clothes - checked. Kuwajima-san will take care of it. We have makeup artist Amano-san right over there. -Should be okay. -We should be ready to start. -Yay! -Can we start shooting? -How about coordinator? -Aoki-san will that care of that. -Just leave it all to Aoki-san. -If that's the case, then yes, we can start. [Negotiations are over] -We did it. -Lucky. -And only took us one day! -We're really lucky, aren't we? A fortunate day. -All photo collection preparations in one day... -This is probably very abnormal... -It's not normal. -Kinda amazing, isn't it? -Lucky, I'm glad. -Maybe winning Election really raised your power? First place has nothing to do with it, we're just very lucky today. But it's also partly because there's trust between you two. -Yes, we have a long history. -I've photographed her a lot. -And Aoki-san didn't hate you. -Yes. He has my handwritten slogan. -This is really great. -Yes. -We're here, thanks so much. -It's nothing. [Some day in October. Okinawa, Naha] I am really grateful for this. [Some day in October. Okinawa, Naha] -That was fast... -Yes, in a blink of an eye. ...implementation. -Are preparations usually this fast? -As long there's a will... The biggest problem was to adjust Sasshi's schedule. Once she's ready, we can prepare everything in a day. We're always in a stand by mode. Was getting the "go" from management easy? No problem from the company, I usually call all the shots anyways. Woah, did you get that? "I usually call all the shots in the company" For a second there, I thought I heard "No one is above me in my company". I didn't mean it that way. How do I put it? I basically said it's AKB, mentioned Sashihara, and boom, got the approvals. So Sasshi, you're the red-hot tag that allowed it. For some reason, the more you say that the more I think this photo collection will flop. [An important talk] Thing is, we talked to Aoki-san earlier... Apparently, our allowed budget is a bit lower compared to average photo shoot budget. Well, it was prepared on the short notice... -We also demanded to shoot in Okinawa. -Yeah. -If only we really shoot it at "OhtaPro". -Yes. -But Kuwajima-san wanted the locations to be beautiful... -Yes. -Coming to Okinawa was a bit of a stretch. -I know, we could've just shoot it in the city. -Unfortunately we can only stay for 2 days and 1 night. -Right. It's going to be a tight schedule, so even if it's already late, I think we should visit the shooting locations. Maybe go there tonight and start shooting at daybreak. Finish everything, then come back the night after tomorrow. This a schedule, that "Koubunsha" planned for us. If it's 2 days, we can release a nice photo collection. -That's the plan, but there's one more problem... -What is it? [Bad news] Even though Aoki-san tried his best, but we've just verified, that if we include all staff of this photo collection, we don't have the budget for a nice feast for them all. That's probably because all of you came along! The number of people increased! -Right? -Doubled the expanses. -Right! -We had to pay for Fukuda-san's crew too.. It's OK for you to be here, because it's this show's project, but you have to understand... -... that we have no money, precisely because of that. -We have to pay for all of you. -But this photo collection project started, because of this program, right? -That's also true. -So we brought here as few people as we could. -Yes. And it's sad we don't get to eat... Personally, I don't mind eating just cup noodles. I eat it all the time anyway. But seeing so many staff came here for me, I feel it's wrong to not treat you all to a feast. At this point I had to suggest paying for all of you, however, I'm not willing to do so. I had no desire of paying even before any of you rejected the proposal. I'm not willing too... Which is why... Which is why... Let's ask Abiru-san for it. [Direct appeal to producer Abiru] A request from this show. It's no fun, so we should have at least a couple of drinks of Okinawa's liquor. Right, we should ask a "Dentsu" representative. But he didn't come today, probably run away. -True, he didn't come. -Definitely hiding from us. Without question he's hiding from us. Well, what to do then?.. Should we try talking to Abiru-san? -We'll just asking him to pay for the food right? -Yes, besides food, "Koubunsha" pays for all expenses. -That'll really help us. -It's true, that the show should pay at least for the meal if it's not paying for traveling expanses. Yeah, at least pay for food. Then, can you make the call? -This is where you can show your talk skills. -"The Negotiator". "The Negotiator". I haven't watched that drama though. [Negotiator Sashihara] -Hello. -Hello, thanks for the hard work. -It's Sashihara. -Eh? -It's Sashihara speaking. -Oh, how's the typhoon down there? -What? -How's the typhoon? -It's fine, because I'm a star. -A star? -Don't you laugh. -Thanks for the hard work. -Likewise. -So, what's up? Well, because everyone from "Sashihara's Rebellion" came, we ran out of money. Eh? -Hello. -Hello, thanks for the hard work. -Thanks for the hard work. -Likewise. What's up? Well, because everyone from "Sashihara's Rebellion" came, we've run out of money. Eh? Everyone from "Sashihara's Rebellion" came, which increased the expenses, and we're out of money. -No way, shouldn't there be 1 or 2 more people? -4 of them came here. -Four?! -Not just 1 or 2, but 4 of them came. Oh wait, there's 5... Eh? 6? Basically a bunch came. Because there's no money left, we cannot pay for the food. -Like homeless children. -Eh? -Homeless children. -You guys haven't eaten dinner? -We had dinner at the airport, Aoki-san paid for us. -"Kobunsha" is rich... Yes, but because so many of "Sashihara's Rebellion" staff came, we broke them as well. Which means, there won't be any food for us tomorrow. We all will lose weight. Fukuda-san will become thin as a rake. It won't be too bad for Fukuda-san to lose some weight. -That said, I have a request. -What is it? -Can we please get some money for food? -Money for food? -Every meal? Breakfast and dinner? -We'll ask "Koubunsha" to pay for breakfast. -"Koubunsha" will pay for breakfast? -We're OK with supermarket riceballs. ["Koubunsha" will pay for breakfast] I beg you. In the case photo collection flops, we'll at least still have some good memories from this. When you guys will have dinner, could you also film it, to have a happy footage? I'm not sure, I'll have to get "Ohta Pro"'s permission for that, I cannot make that decision. -When you said to film the meal, you meant for "Sashihara's Rebellion", right? -Correct. Please hold the line. He's started talking about super trivial things, seriously. -What "trivial things"? -You could hear me? Oh, I'm sorry. If we can use 2 weeks of budget for this. You mean Okinawa's chapter will air for 2 weeks? -Of course -Please tell Fukuda-san to pay, if you are in the red. What's an "in the red"? Please tell Fukuda-san to pay, if you are in the red. I start losing you, so I am hanging up. I really don't understand, sorry, I'll hang up. -Thank you very much. -Take care. -Thank you and bye-bye. -Done? -Done. -Everything's done? Done. He said "okay", as it wasn't such a big deal. It's a small matter. [Got the meals] We got it in return for the filming. Nice! Happy! Let's talk about inappropriate things. Okay, let's begin inappropriate talk now. Aoki-san is being flamed online right now. Even though he had to do the 16 person Rock-paper-scissors Senbatsu cover, he put 1 person on the cover, so he's getting super flamed. -The one you showed me, a Jurina-chan only cover? -Personally, I don't think it's a big deal. In the past it has always been 16 people, but it was always a hard choice. Because the picture of the victory moment was always really good. You never did it, but this time a sudden change? Huh?! Well, it's already the 4 time, so I kinda wanted to change things up. -It looks like you've really suffered. -Yeah, I'm a little upsetMilky. "UpsetMilky" my ass! What are you saying, geez? So you're enjoying trip to Okinawa while being flamed?.. He's smashed to pieces right now while being flamed. -No, no, it's not like that. -Right, Aoki-san? -He's saying stuff like sadMilky. -I just wanted to make everybody excited about Rock-paper-scissors Tournament. But if you think about it, saying stuff like sadMilky, he's gone insane. Was it sadMilky? -UpsetMilky. -Right, upsetMilky. -Saying upsetMilky is pretty bad. -He's a bit too cheerful for upsetMilky. Even 12 hours haven't passed since the flame start. During tough times I'm upsetMilky. I end up adding "Milky" to everything. -Let's just check in for the day. -Yes, lucky! -We have to wake up early tomorrow. Let's get some sleep! Thanks for the hard work! Nighty-night-Milky! -Aoki-san, nighty-night-Milky! -Nighty-night-Milky! Sashihara-san look different from usual. -It's like a switch is flipped. -Her expression during photo shoot is quite different. -This should turn out to be a nice photo collection. -Yes, it's likely to be very good. The air feels heavier around Sasshi, making it hard to approach her. Awesome! A LINE message came! [On the other hand, "Sashihara's Rebellion" crew...] Today we can't hide the fact that we are completely slacking off. [Nothing to do...] Aren't you guys being too carefree? There's "I don't have to work today" feel around you bunch. It's annoying seeing you all slacking and smiling. At this rate, I'd probably quit by the 3rd or 4th episode. Change the show to "Fukuda's Rebellion". -If you all keep slacking off, I'll really quit. -Understood.

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03 ran

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