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Edith Kaphuka - Ngwale Village, Malawi - Nyanja (Global Lives Project, 2007) ~08:46:09 - 09:01:10

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Yesterday. This is the one being filmed. ... still in your home? Their simply recording her. Memory! Have you taken a doughnut? No, but this is the one they came for. -So even today they’ve been recording her? -Today they started in the morning. Everything she did here this morning. Have you given me money? Did you give me money? Yes, I gave you 10 kwacha. That kid is full of lies! -Where is the headmaster? -I don't know where he went. Go and tell him that I want to be going, I want to go work. Can you go and tell him that they are going... There he is! -Were you looking for me? -Yes, he was saying I should tell you that he's going, he wants to go do some work. Okay, I have explained to him. Go together with him and sit close to him. It's okay, they have taken them together. Just be close to him. What did he say? He said he wants to take a picture of me and my family. So I will be on my way now. Okay then. I'm going. We'll see each other later. -Okay. -Everything. Are they saying you should take a picture? But you have refused! Edith! Edith, come here! Edith can you please share some with us? -I'm going to the toilet. -You see how you are behaving! We'll see for ourselves. It's finished! They'll share some with you. You're greedy. Hey... Yes, the mops. Excuse me, let me drink. Edith... Edith... Edith! Can you wait for a second? What? What happened to the water? They cut it. They cut it? Did you get the picture? You still have it right? No, he took it back. Look. It's time for science! Hello, Madam. Hello, class. How are you? I'm fine and how are you? I'm fine. Sit down. Thank you, Madam. Is it a test? Ok, science class. Last time we met in class, we looked at the skeleton. And what did I say, about the skeleton? What is the skeleton? Who can tell me? What is the skeleton? Natasha. The skeleton is the framework of the body. Ok. As you can see, the skeleton is the framework of the body. The skeleton is the framework of the body. And what did I say? What does the skeleton consist of? Is it consist of rods? No? What does it consist of? Yes? By bones. It is consist of bones. There are too main bones in our body. And those bones are called joints. There are joints all over the skeleton. How many bones does the skeleton have? -Yes, Brenda. -208 OK, the skeleton consists of 208 bones. OK, now I said there are 3 types of bones. I told you about the 3 types of bones which are found in the skeleton. How many bones are there? Name the bones which are found in the skeleton? Can you give me examples of the bones that are found in the skeleton? Edith? -Hip bones. -Hip bones? Good, what else? -Knee joints. -Knee joint? Am I talking about joints? I am talking about bones of a skeleton. -Arm bone. -Arm bone? Good. Upper bone. Who thinks upper bone? Is upper bone, a bone or a joint? -Joint. -Joint, good. Ankle joint? Are we talking about joints? No, we are not talking about joints, we are talking of bones. Name the bones of the exterior. -Back bone. -Back bone? Good. -Neck bones. -Neck bones, neck bones. Ahh, neck joint. There are bones of the skull, right? Now these bones of a skeleton should stay healthy. They must stay healthy all the time. In order for us to be strong and healthy we must keep the bones strong too! -Understood? -Yes. Now how can we keep the skeleton strong? How can we keep the bones of the skeleton strong? What should we do to keep our bones strong? Now we are going to be in our science groups. I give you five minutes and discuss. How can you keep your skeleton strong? On paper? I don't want to be the one who writes. How can you keep your skeleton strong? Human bones are meant to be strong all the time. Discuss what you can do to make your bones stay strong. Olimba, discuss. You should all discuss in your groups and if you can't find a certain word in English please ask me. How can you keep your skeleton strong? I think, at other times, we take exercises. You eat something. There are so many types of things we can do, right? Now can you discuss about those. -Hey you, holding the pen. Can you write? What are you staring at? -What should I write? I thought you should be asking instead of looking outside. -There are certain foods. -What did you say? -There are certain foods. What is an example of such type of foods? Maybe nsima (cornmeal).

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Duration: 15 minutes and 2 seconds
Country: Malawi
Director: Jason Price
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Posted by: glm_administrator on Jun 24, 2008

At recess, Edith buys some doughnuts and meets briefly with her father, who is passing by. She fetches a drink of water and chats with her friends before returning for science class. The topic is the human skeleton. The students break into their science groups and are encouraged to consider "ways to keep your skeleton strong". Edith's group seems to have few ideas regarding the matter. Someone suggests nsima [cornmeal/the staple food of Malawi].

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